Agenda Item FA 13-14

Submitted by the Faculty Affairs Committee

The Unification of Faculty Awards Timing

03/07/13: Passed

03/14/13: Approved

The Unification of Faculty Award Timing  

Presently, for the Outstanding Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching Awards, an awardee must wait until the third year post-award to apply for another award; for the Outstanding Faculty Scholarship and Service Awards, one must wait until the eighth year; for the Outstanding Faculty Community Engaged Scholarship Award, the fifth year.  The Faculty Affairs recommends that all awardees wait until the FIFTH year following recognition of an award to be eligible to receive that same award again.  The unification of award timing to the FIFTH YEAR is effective for all award categories starting the academic year 2013-2014.


For all award categories (with the exception of Distinguished Professor, which once received cannot be reapplied for), when a previous award winner wishes to reapply for the same award, she/he may present evidence that runs from the end of the academic period covered for the applicant's previous award, to the end of the most recent academic year in which the applicant is reapplying.


For all award categories, a first-time applicant for an award may present evidence of desert beginning from the start of her/his UNF career.