Agenda Item FA 13-10

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

CCEC - School of Engineering/Civil

Program of Study Changes (New Certificate) (1 package)

03/07/13: Passed

03/15/13: Approved

Log Number: 201208-68

School of Engineering/ Civil Engineering  - Undergraduate

Add a new concentration to an existing program

Bachelor of Science - Civil Engineering Major Coastal & Port Engineering Certificate

Summary of the Changes:

The demand for qualified engineers with expertise in Coastal and Port Engineering can be shown on many scales. Coastal areas within the US and around the world are increasingly the sites of major disasters due to growing populations, economic development pressures and the critical sensitivity of the natural environment in these areas. Within the state of Florida, there is no unified educational program focused on balancing coastal development, preservation and sustainment of the natural environment, and the mitigation of risk to coastal communities. The proposed major expansion of the port facilities in the Jacksonville area makes this topic particularly significant to northeast Florida. Several local companies (Taylor Engineering; England, Thims and Miller; JAXPort, Shaw, and HDR, etc.) have all expressed a strong interest in the development of local academic capabilities in this area. Additionally, several State and Federal agencies (US Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA, NOAA, and FDEP) have expressed considerable interest in having their personnel take courses from this program (particularly in the areas of risk assessment and Port Development/Maintenance). 
Because any BS Program in Engineering has a significant portion of the program devoted to basic principles, and because Port and Coastal Engineering draw upon the basics taught in our existing Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Bachelor programs, it was decided to provide students with an opportunity to develop the requisite additional skills through offering a certificate, open to any Engineering major. We have already secured additional internships which will be filled by students taking the certificate program, and have integrated the curriculum into the BS program within the School of Engineering. The specific goals of the Certificate Program are: 
a) To provide the basic principles of Coastal and Port Engineering to engineers who have or who are currently earning a BS in Engineering. 
b) To involve students in work experiences (through internships), research experiences (through the Taylor Engineering Research Institute) and design experiences (through the design course requirement) focused on coastal and port engineering that will contribute to the goal of developing a nationally renowned research and learning center with strong relevance to Northeast Florida. 
Course Listings: 
Introduction to Coastal and Port Engineering [In Process](CGN1XXX) 
Field Laboratory for Coastal and Port Engineering [New](CGN1XXX) 
Senior Design Capstone I (CGN4803)Prerequisites: TTE4004, TRA4202, CES3605 
Senior Design Capstone II (CGN4804) Prerequisites: CGN4803 
Engineering Hydrology (CWR4XXX)(to be cross-listed) Prerequisite: CWR4202C 
Engineering Statistics (STA3032) Prerequisite: MAC2312 
Coastal Processes (CGN4931) 
Design of Coastal and Port Structures and Infrastructures (CGN2XXX) 
Transportation Engineering (TTE4004) Prerequisites: CGN3322C, STA3032, EGN3613 
Logistics Systems Management (TRA4202) Prerequisites: MAR3023, MAN3504, TRA3035 
Introduction to Coastal and Estuarine Modeling [New](CGN1XXX) 
Water Resource Systems (CWR4XXX) to be cross-listed. Prerequisites:CWR4202C 
St. John's River (CGN4931)
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