Agenda Item FA 13-07

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

BCH - Clinical & Applied Movement Sciences

New Courses, Course Changes, and Program of Study Changes (1 package)

02/07/13: Passed

02/13/13: Approved

Log Number: 201208-70

Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences - Graduate

Change a degree-major-concentration of an existing program

Master of Science in Health - Health Science Major Exercise Sc. & Chronic Disease Concentration

Summary of the Changes:

In order to successfully attract the best students that align with our program and current resources, several program changes need to be implemented. Our MSH will focus more on exercise science by moving another related course APK 6116C (Exercise Physiology and Laboratory Techniques) from our elective list to the core, while at the same time decreasing the emphasis on epidemiology by removing an epidemiology course HSC 6509 (Nutrition Epidemiology) from the core and offering it as an elective course. We will be changing APK 6116 (Muscle Physiology and Resistance Exercise) from an elective to a core course and making it APK 6116C (Exercise Physiology and Laboratory Techniques) by adding a laboratory component; changing APK 6111C (Advanced Exercise Physiology) to APK 6111 (Advanced Exercise Physiology and Metabolism) by removing the laboratory; removing HSC 6509 (Nutrition Epidemiology) from the core and offering this course as an elective; removing APK 6327 (Seminar in Exercise Science and Chronic Disease) from the core; and removing NGR 5141 (Advanced Pathophysiology) from our elective options. In addition, we will be adding APK 5XXX (Pharmacology for Chronic Diseases) to our curriculum elective offerings, this course will be an interdisciplinary offering. We will be changing the name of APK 6336 (Physical Activity and Chronic Disease) to Physical Activity Epidemiology and Evidence Review and making both APK 6336 and APK 6116C (Exercise Physiology and Laboratory Techniques) entry-level course, thus allowing us to remove three prerequisites, HSC 4612 (Exercise Physiology), PET 3080 (Physical Activity Epidemiology), and PET 4550 (Exercise Testing and Prescription). These adjustments will strongly impact the students we can recruit and retain in our program because the core will better align with career opportunities. In order to augment our students' elective choices we will be adding the following as elective options: NGR 7154 (Advanced Bioscience); HUN 6522 (Advanced Public health Nutrition); and HUN 6123 (Sociocultural Influences on Nutrition). These elective additions are supported in this package with the required documentation. 

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Change an existing course Epi Methods in PA Research APK  Graduate (6xxx) 057

We will be changing the title of APK 6057 from Epidemiological Methods in Physical Activity Research to Research Methods in Physical Activity in order to better reflect course approach and content. The course number APK 6057 will be unchanged. 

Change an existing course Muscle Phys and Resistance Ex APK Graduate (6xxx) 116

We will be adding a laboratory component to this course to expand upon meeting necessary proficiencies of the exercise and health professional. We will also be making a minor to name change to APK 6116 in order broaden content exposure. We will be changing the course name from Muscle Physiology and Resistance Exercise to Exercise Physiology and Laboratory Techniques. The course description has been expanded to thoroughly cover laboratory content. The addition of the laboratory component will make the new course number APK 6116C and change the course from 3 credit hours to 4 credit hours.
New Course Description:

This course will present the physiological processes in the field of exercise physiology. The course will focus on cardiorespiratory fitness, energy balance, body composition, metabolism, and muscle physiology. The laboratory experiences will focus on metabolic testing (VO2, resting metabolic rate, lactate, thermoregulation), contrasting various body composition methodology, and exercise prescription.

Change an existing course Advanced Exercise Physiology APK Graduate (6xxx) 111C

We will be removing the laboratory component from APK 6111C Advanced Exercise Physiology as it has been determined that a laboratory experience is better suited for APK 6116C. We will also be making a minor name change due to the lab being removed and metabolism being the primary focus. The course name will be changed from Advanced Exercise Physiology to Advanced Exercise Physiology and Metabolism. The course description has been modified to better align with the name change and course content. The course number will change from APK 6111C to APK 6111 and the course will go from 4 credit hours to 3 credit hours. 
New Course Description: 
This course will present advanced physiological processes in the field of exercise physiology and exercise metabolism. The course will focus on mobilization and utilization of glucose, lipids, and protein during exercise. Additionally, the course will examine metabolic factors associated with fatigue and metabolic adaptations to endurance training.

Change an existing course PA and Chronic Disease APK Graduate (6xxx) 336

We will be making a minor name change to better align with the research methodology taught in the course and the use of the scientific literature. 


Change an existing course Internship in ESCD APK Graduate (6xxx) 942

We have decided to add a project option along with the internship option to provide students another venue to explore potential areas of interest and potential expertise. The project will involve a guided comprehensive review of the scientific literature in the students' area of interest and an eventual submission of a manuscript in the form of a review paper. 
New Course Description:

The internship experience will provide an opportunity to gain experience in a specific area of career interest in exercise science and chronic disease. The project option will have the student conduct a guided comprehensive literature review on an approved topic of their choice leading to the submission of a review paper for publication in a peer-review journal.


Change an existing course Advanced Biostatistics APK Graduate (6xxx) 056
We will be making a minor change to the course name and description to better reflect the 'applied' nature of the course. The course name will be changed from Advanced Biostatistics to Advanced Biostatistics in Epidemiology. The course number APK 6056 will be unchanged. 
New Course Description: 
This course will cover linear modeling, multiple regression, correlation and residual analysis. Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA), one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA), two-way ANOVA, randomized-blocks, repeated measures, factorial designs and multiple comparisons will be covered. Advanced concepts in study design will be covered along with a strong emphasis on secondary data analysis. Students will learn advanced procedures utilizing appropriate statistical software (e.g., SAS and SUDAAN).

Change an existing course Thesis in ESCD APK Graduate (6xxx) 972

We have made small terminology changes to the course description to include 'thesis defense'. 
New Course Description: 
Students choosing to complete a thesis may do so over two semesters. The thesis project must be a hypothesis-based original research study or a hypothesis generating descriptive study utilizing a secondary data-analysis approach. The student must successfully complete HSC 6906 prior to enrolling in APK 6972. For the thesis option, students are required to submit a revised proposal (an update of the HSC 6906 proposal) for review and approval by the faculty adviser and chosen thesis committee one month prior to the beginning of the term. Students must meet with the faculty adviser periodically to discuss project progression. Graduation with a thesis is contingent upon the approval of the thesis committee. Thesis students will be required to present their final project to their faculty committee both orally (thesis defense) and in writing. May be repeated two times or six credits may be taken simultaneously.


Add a new course Pharmacology for Chronic Diseases (3 crs) APK Beginning graduate (5xxx) XXX


Course Description:

This course will present current knowledge related to the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of common drugs related to chronic disease patient management. This course will focus on pharmacotherapy for today's most prevalent chronic conditions. Additionally, the course will explore the influence of exercise and physical activity.