Agenda Item FA 12-54

Submitted by the Faculty Enhancement Committee


Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment of Faculty Enhancement Committee Change Proposal By Abstaining Members Applying the Grant - ARTICLE VI: Section 3. - G.

12/06/12: 1st Reading

01/10/13: 2nd Reading

Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: First Reading

Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: First Reading  

Per the request from the Office of Provost and Vice President, the committee members are not allowed to submit the applications for any teaching or development grants during the terms of their services. The Faculty Enhancement Committee decided to update the Bylaws in restrictions for applying and serving at the same time.

Article VI  Committees 
Section 3 G. Faculty Enhancement Committee:

The committee shall consist of eight faculty members: two from the College of Arts and Sciences, one from each of the other colleges and the Library, and one at large. Members of the committee shall abstain from applying for the Summer Teaching Grant Program, during the years they serve on the committee.&