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1982-1983 Legislative Calendar

Item # Submitted By Date Action Title / Content
FA 82-24 Academic Standards 10/07/82 Approved RESOLUTION "All student appeals relating to individual courses shall be limited to a period of one year from the date of the beginning of the term of course in question." Following a discussion from the floor, the resolution was amended to read as follows: "Student appeals relating to individual courses shall be limited to a period of one year from the date of the awarding of the grade(all grades except incomplete) for the course in question".
FA 82-25 Academic Standards 11/04/82 Approved Modification of admission criteria and required preprofessional courses for the Division of Nursing. (Copy attached to Legislative Calender Cards);
FA 82-26 Academic Standards 11/04/82 Approved The Registrar requests that the University catalog be changed to read as follows: ACADEMIC PROGRESS Undergraduate students who fail to earn either a cumulative or term average of 2.0 after attempting a cumulative total of 15 or more credit hours will be placed on academic probation and referred to their Academic Advisor. If the cumulative and term average fall below 2.0 during the next term of enrollment the student may be denied the opportunity to reenroll (suspension).
FA 82-27 Academic Standards 11/04/82 Approved The registrar requests that the following statement be added to the University Catalog: Students receiving a second Baccalaureate must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of course work toward that degree at UNF in order to be eligible for honors.
FA 82-28 Rules and Appeal 11/04/82 Approved Policy on Sexual Harassment, PROPOSED STATEMENT ON SEXUAL HARASSMENT: Submitted by the Faculty of COAS "The University of North Florida Faculty Association expresses its strong disapproval of sexual harassment directed at any student , faculty , or staff member of the University. Sexual harassment is defined as ' the use of authority or any behavior calculated to emphasize the sexuality or sexual identify of a person in a manner which prevents or impairs that person's full enjoyment of benefits, climate or opportunities of the University'." (any behavior calculated was inserted after the use of authority).
FA 82-29 Academic Programs 11/04/82 Approved College of Education, Dept of Guidance and Counseling. Major change: New Course: EGC 6226 Appraisal techniques IT.
FA 82-30 Academic Programs 12/02/82 Approved Dept of Psychology, Major Changes: New Course: PSY 6935 - Special Topics in Counseling. Minor Changes: PSy 6971 A&B Change from a required course to an elective course.
FA 82-31 Academic Programs 12/02/82 Approved College of Arts and Sciences, Dept of Natural Science. PROGRAM CHANGE Addition of new Science- Business Track
FA 83-01 Nomination & Elections 01/13/83 Adopted Establish Staggered terms for members of the Nominations and Elections Committee. In the January 1983 election for Nominations & Elections Committee, one member from the College of Arts and Sciences, one member from the College of Business, and one member At-Large shall be elected to two year terms. One member from the College of Education and one member. At-large shall be elected to a one year At large term shall serve as Chairperson. Beginning in January, 1984, all regular vacancies shall be filled by election to two year terms, and the At large member serving the second year of his/her term shall serve as Chairperson.
FA 83-02 Nomination & Elections 01/13/83 Adopted Proposed Bylaws changes, FIRST READING
FA 83-03 Faculty Affairs 01/13/83 Adopted Policy on honorary degree. Candidates for Honorary Degrees shall be nominated by the University President and approved by a majority of the Faculty Affairs Committee of the Faculty Association. ADOPTED at the January 13, 1983 meeting, following discussion and an amendment which inserts "in Academic year 1983" following the word "degrees." The Degrees in Academic year 1983 shall be nominated by the University President and approved by a majority of the Faculty Affairs Committee of the Faculty Association.
FA 83-04 Academic Programs 01/13/83 Approved College of Arts and Sciences, Dept. Lang. and Lit. New course: ENC 3425 Composition Laboratory LIT 2110 Literature 1 LIT 2120 Literature 2
FA 83-05 Academic Programs 01/13/83 Approved College of Arts and Sciences, Dept. of Hist/Phil. New Courses AMH 2010 United States History to 1877. AMH 2020 United States History from 1877 to the Present HIS 6905 Directed Independent Study
FA 83-06 Academic Standards 02/03/83 Adopted Statement of Academic Integrity: Adopted by Faculty Association at this meeting. Disapproved by President McCray on February 15th. It has been returned to the Academic Standards Committee.
FA 83-07 Rules and Appeals 02/03/83 Adopted Resolution in Praise of the 1982-1983 Nomination and Elections Committee
FA 83-08 Rules and Appeals 02/03/83 Adopted Bylaw Amendments
FA 83-09 Academic Programs 02/03/83 Adopted New Courses:( Copy attached to Legislative Calender card). COAS, COE, COBA Adopted as package
FA 83-10 Academic Programs 02/03/83 Adopted Resolution Concerning the establishment of Div. of CS and CIS at the University of North Florida but reserves the right to review programs as they are developed.
FA 83-11 Adhoc Governing Board of the Faculty Lounge 03/03/83 Adopted Resolution on the use of the Faculty Lounge: Option 1. Membership restricted to dues paying members of the Faculty Association. Dues and rules to be set by an elected Governing Board. Dues will provide club members with selected services, including, but not limited to, beverage services. Option 2. Faculty Lounge with no services, accessible to any Faculty Association member.
FA 83-12 Faculty Affairs 03/03/83 Adopted Resolution on the Distinguished Professor Award (Copy attached to Legislative Calender Card).
FA 83-13 Rules and Appeals 03/03/83 Adopted Bylaws Amendments dealing with the term of office for Faculty Association officers shall become effective in March 1984. The changes affected by this resolution are those included in Article IV, sections 1 and 10, Article VII, Section 1.
FA 83-14 Rules and Appeals 03/03/83 Adopted Resolution: Faculty Association requests the University administration to set up a 12 month contract for the Faculty Association president elected in March 1984.
FA 83-15 Academic Programs 03/03/83 Adopted Resolution: The APC endorses the report of the Task Force in the Reorganization of Student Affairs, with the strong recommendation that admission & Records be retained within Academic Affairs.
FA 83-16 Academic Programs 03/03/83 Adopted College of Education - New courses. Major Changes, Calendar card.
FA 83-17 Faculty Affairs 04/14/83 Adopted For the Faculty Handbook. The University has no official policy on what "titles" faculty members use. Ultimately, proper description of a faculty member's position within the University must be left to the judgment and integrity of the individual. Incorrect or misleading descriptions reflect poorly on the person concerned, the academic department, the College, and the University. Therefore, titles used by faculty members should either be their official university titles(e.g. Professor of Economics) or accurate descriptions of their teaching assignments in credit courses (e.g. Professor of Molecular Economics) Faculty members who feel that their official titles do no accurately describe their work should follow established procedures for having their titles changed.
FA 83-18 - 04/14/83 06/16/83 WITHDRAWN Adopted University of North Florida Constitution Ratification. Constitutional Ratification will take place at the may 12, 1983 meeting.
FA 83-19 Academic Programs 04/14/83 Adopted New courses and course changes. After discussions in which a number of points were clarified, the item was adopted as a block with the following amendments: I. Title change: Proposal for Authorization to offer a New Track in Information Systems in Dept. of Accounting. III. Under New Courses: MUS 9930AZ, to read MUH 3217 - the Great Age of Vienna.
FA 83-20 Academic Programs 04/28/83 Adopted at Special Meeting General Education and Four-year Curriculum Proposal. (Copy in FA office).
FA 83-21 President-Faculty Association 05/12/83 Adopted Proposal 1983-84 Faculty Association Budget. (Copy in FA office)
FA 83-22 Academic Programs 05/12/83 Adopted

COE-Minor Change EGC 6225 change catalog description EGC 6106 change catalog description.Major change Proposal to change Master of Education degree Program.

FA 83-23 Academic Standards 05/12/83 02/15/83 Adopted Disapproved by President McCray Statement on Academic Integrity The item was adopted as amended.(Copy in FA office).
FA 83-24 Academic Standards 05/12/83 WITHDRAWN Statement on Due Process. The item was returned to the Academic Standards Committee to research possible legal implications of the statement.(Copy in FA office).
FA 83-25 Academic Programs 06/16/83 Adopted New courses I. Div of Nursing- Minor changes NUR 3618C-reduce credit hours from 9 to 6 NUR 3610- change catalog descriptions., title and credit hours. Program changes Delete generic component. Delete bioorganic & biology as preprofessional requirements. II COE- Major Changes New Course EGC 6461- Introduction to Family Life. EGC 6285 Evaluation of School Programs. Minor Changes EHD 6421- change credit hours from 3 to 4 SPA 6335 change credit hours from 3 to 4 EHD 5311 change credit hours from 3 to 4 EHD 5XXX change credit hours from 3 to 4 and change course number from 6341 to 5XXX
FA 83-26 Rules and Appeals 06/16/83 Adopted Faculty Association Bylaws amendment. Article IV (Officers), section 11(addition underlined): Failure to execute faithfully the duites of the moval. On receipt of a petition for recall of members of the Faculty Association, the Nomination and Elections Committee shall schedule a recall election. Removal from an office shall require a two-thirds majority of those members voting.
FA 83-27 Academic Standards 07/28/83 Adopted Approval of the Substance of the Final Report of the Subcommittee on Communication Skills ( chaired by Dr. Ray a "screening exam" for determination fo communication skills achievement as a jprecondition for admision to Upper Division Studies at UNF. After an extensive discussion in which questions of identification of a screening exam, and the relationship of the screening exam to the CLAST test were raised, the item was approved.
FA 83-28 Academic Standards 07/28/83 Adopted Lower Division Admissions Requirements. The Faculty Association approves the "Implementation procedures for 1984-85 First-time-In-College Students" with the proviso that the document be edited before further dissemination, and with the following changes to the second paragraph under "Application procedures" on p.2: change "apply early in their senior year" to apply early in their junior year;" delete the second sentences of that paragraph, beginning "However." (Copy in FA office).
FA 83-29 Academic Standards 07/28/83 Adopted It shall be University policythat a student's grade can be changed only with written faculty consent, unless an appeals process involving the Vice President for Academic Affairs has been followed. This policy shall be included in the University catalog. A controversial questions were raised concerning the procedures to be followed in an appeals process. A motion was made and seconded to refer the item back to committee for further consideration. The movement failed by a vote of 18 to 15 not to refer the item to committee.
FA 83-30 Academic Standards 07/28/83 Adopted

Faculty Association recommends that all exception to graduation requirements and/or course requirements for graduation adhere to high standards of academic excellence as published in the University catalog. This item was amended to read: The Faculty Association waiver academic policy adhere to high standards of academic policy adhere to high standards of academic excellence as published in the University catalog.

FA 83-31 Academic Programs 07/28/83 Adopted College of Arts and Sciences. LIST OF COURSES in FA OFFICE). It was moved and seconded to deal with the top segment of courses separately. The motion to consider the item separately was approved. The item was further amended to read MAD 4000 instead of MAD 4401. The amended item was approved. Since there was some questions about the procedure followed for approval of the course change included in the Computer and Information Sciences Division, the remainder of the item was tabled until further information could be obtained.

The Analysis for Legislative Calendar for 1982-1983

Category Number
Total Number of Agenda Items 39
Total Number of Agenda Items Approved 37
Total Number of Agenda Items Returned, Disapproved, Disallowed, Withdrawn, or Failed 2
Total Number of Agenda Items Returned/Suspended/Forwarded to Committee 0