Information Item # 2 - Submitted by the Academic Standards Committee (2016/2017 - Sept)


Admissions – Transfer Students (Undergraduate) Final Draft 


Polices & Regulations

Subject: Admissions – Transfer Students (Undergraduate)



  • New Regulation
  • Major Revision of Existing Regulation
  • T T Minor/Technical Revision of Existing Regulation
  • Reaffirmation of Existing Regulation



  Revised Date


Responsible Division/Department:  

Academic Affairs/Enrollment Services


This regulation applies to the admissions of all transfer students to the University of North Florida. All University policies and procedures that result in a less stringent application of the requirements shall be superseded.


  1. The basis for this regulation can be found in the Florida Board of Governors BOG 6.004 Transfer Students-Undergraduate, which governs decisions regarding admission of all undergraduate, degree seeking transfer students to UNF and the satisfaction of general education requirements.

  2. The University of North Florida will actively participate in the state-wide Career Ladder Degree Articulation Agreement. The Career Ladder agreement integrates specific associate in science degree programs with identified baccalaureate degree programs statewide. Each associate in science degree program must meet specific requirements as prescribed in the agreement and public postsecondary institutions are required to honor the transfer of credit toward the specified baccalaureate degree. Graduates of a Florida College System associate in science degree program with an agreement that is documented and maintained by the Articulation Coordinating Committee shall be granted admission to the University of North Florida in the program designated to articulate with their degree, except for limited access programs and those requiring specific grades on particular courses for admission. Admission to the student’s preferred public postsecondary institution is not guaranteed. The University of North Florida shall develop admissions criteria to ensure that associate in science degree students are evaluated on an equal basis with associate in arts degree graduates and native university students for admission into Career Ladder programs designated as limited access and those requiring specific grades on particular courses for admission. 

  3. Notwithstanding anything else contained hereinabove to the contrary, the ultimate decision regarding the admission of any and all transfer students shall rest with the University of North Florida and the University of North Florida shall be free to use any criteria as it may deem appropriate in making such admissions decisions. Additional information regarding this policy can be directed to the Transfer Student Services Office at the University of North Florida.
Specific Authority: Florida Board of Governors Regulation 6.004 and Section 7(d), Art. IX, Fla. Const.; History-Formerly 6C-2.44, 6C-2.45, and 6C-6.04, 11-18-1970, Amended 7-6-72, 12-17-74, 8-1-84, 8-11-85, 4-20-87, 1-6-88, 10-19-88, 1-23-90, 1-7-91, 9-15-91, 11-9-92, 11-27-95, Amended and Renumbered as 6.004 01-28-2010, Amended 11-21-2013. Amended 01-21-2016.