Special Topics and Experimental Courses Policy


Effective January 1, 2005, the two policies of Special Topics and Experimental Courses were updated.

The Records and Registration Office has required all the departments need to carefully review all of their "Special Topics" (XXX X930-939 course numbers) courses to make certain they adhere to the Special Topics Course Policy as below. Additionally, all "Experimental Courses" (XXX X990) must also be reviewed as they will, beginning with the spring 2017 semester only be allowed to be offered twice.

The course may not be offered a third time until the permanent course number is actually obtained from the state. "Colleges and departments are strongly encouraged to develop permanent courses for any course that will be offered, as the same course, more than once. It should be noted that from start to finish, a department should plan on at least 4-6 months for a new course to be approved, be sent to the state for a course number, be returned to UNF and then be ready to be offered.

Special Topics Course Policy

"Special Topics" courses (those with course numbers of XXX X930-939) may be offered by colleges and departments only if each offering is different in title, learning objectives, and course content. These special topics courses would not be considered a repeated course if taken more than once.

Special topics course numbers may not be a required course in a program nor be used as a substitute for a permanent number. Departments may request a general special topics number for each course level through the Academic Program Committee.

Experimental Course Policy

Experimental Course Policy Courses offered on an experimental basis to capture student interest may use a
special course number (XXX X990) up to two semesters. If sufficient interest has been generated and the course is to be continued, the department must complete the necessary forms for requesting a permanent number through the Academic Programs Committee. Departments may request an experimental course number through the Registrar's Office. When the decision to develop a permanent course is made, APC Workflow System package must be created and submitted to the Faculty Association Academic Programs Committee.