Information Item #5: Submitted by the Campus Safety Advisory Council Chair, John Hale, Assistant Vice President of Physical Facilities (2016/2017 - Apr)

March 2nd, 2017 Faculty Association Meeting – 
Campus Safety Update 

1.     Council members conducted a night safety walk last December of the northern quadrant of campus to inspect lighting levels, obstructions, over grown landscaping or other elements that could contribute to poor visibility or cause trip hazards. All parking lot and roadway lights have now been converted to LED type.
2.     Council voted at the February meeting to place “special enforcement” no skateboarding signs for the area between the Robinson Theater (14A) and Housing Office (14B).
3.     Much discussion about the no-smoking policy and what can be done to curb continued smoking on campus. Council was informed an enforceable policy would require a change to state statutes.
4.     EH&S reports 79 accident incidents in 2016, compared to 51 in 2015. No real trends.
5.     Safety Rangers are available to escort community members from the main campus to remote parking lots between 6:00pm and 10:00pm each week night. A Safety Ranger is also available to conduct escorts from the library until 2:00am, and at the Fountains residence facility from 10pm to 2am.
6.     Misc: 279 emergency phones, 43 public courtesy phones, 69 elevator phones located throughout campus (same as prior report). There are also 224 surveillance cameras operational throughout the campus (four more since last report).