Information Item #2 - Submitted by Dr. Gordon Rakita, Director of Academic Technology (2015/2016-Mar)


Update on the Electronic Promotion & Tenure Dossier System
Invitation to Negotiate 

Last year, at the request of the Presidents of the Faculty Association and the United Faculty of Florida a committee began the process of reviewing electronic dossier software to replace UNF's current paper dossier system for promotion and tenure (P&T) cases and ease the process for both faculty candidates and the committees reviewing their dossiers. The twelve member committee was composed of 6 faculty, 4 staff, and the Provost and Associate Provost. Members of the original review committee included: Michael Biagini, Dmitriy Bond, Marianne Jaffee, William Klostermeyer, Gordon Rakita, Dan Richard, Anthony Rossi, Earle Traynham, Jay Coleman John W White, Steven Williamson, and Fen Yu.


Over the course of the year, the group:

  1. Identified all the stakeholders in the P&T process
  2. Identified the Provost (as defined by the Collective Bargaining Agreement, articles 19-21) as the function owner of the promotion and tenure process,
  3. Fully described and delineated the P&T process at UNF as outlined in the CBA,
  4. Identified the needs and characteristics of an acceptable e-dossier solution for UNF,
  5. Reviewed presentations from four separate vendors of electronic P&T systems.


Subsequent to the conclusion of that committee's work, a formal Invitation to Negotiate (ITN #16-07) process was initiated. The official ITN documents can be found here: of the official ITN committee include:

Mark Ari, Senior Instructor, English

Joel Beam, Chair of Clinical & Applied Movement Sciences

Dmitriy Bond, Director, Enterprise Systems, ITS

Marianne Jaffee, Executive Assistant to the Provost, Provost’s Office

Gordon Rakita, Director of Academic Technology & Professor of Anthropology, COAS 


ITN meetings are open to the public and interested faculty are encouraged to attend. As announced via an all-faculty email the first public meeting of the ITN committee to review the proposals UNF received took place on Wednesday, January 27th, 2016. The ITN committee and procurement services have scheduled two vendor demonstrations for Friday, March 11th: Interfolio’s By Committee (12:00-1:30pm) and Data180’s Faculty180 (2:00-3:30pm). Both demonstrations will be held in Building 51, Room 1205. We hope to arrange for videotaping of those demos so that those who cannot attend can review them when convenient. We encourage all faculty to attend demos if they can and provide their input to the ITN committee.


For more information, please contact:

Gaea Holt, Senior Buyer, Procurement Services,, (904) 620-2732


Gordon Rakita, Director of Academic Technology,, (904) 620-1658