Information Item# 2 – Submitted By the Budget Advisory Committee (2014/2015- Nov)

2007 Through Fall 2014 Updated Assessments

To reinforce the data that we provided last May relative to numbers of faculty and their distribution across the colleges for the 2007-11 time period (reflecting the time frame from President Delaney’s March 13, 2014 letter), the information below provides updated assessments for the 2007 through fall 2014 time period. As should be readily apparent from the table below, the non-adjunct faculty declined in headcount by 4.3% (29 faculty members) from 2007 to 2011. For the 2007-14 time frames the decline was 5.96% in aggregate (37 total faculty members).



2007-11 net change

 not including adjuncts

2007-14 net change 

not including adjuncts


































percent change



 Inherent in the details:

  • Although COAS saw the biggest overall decline, the college received a 28 person increase in tenured or tenure earning faculty while losing 36 visitors and 13 instructors. While this shift undoubtedly implies that fewer courses can be taught in COAS in 2014-15 than in 2007-08, the college has received the largest number of new tenured or tenure track faculty (for comparison, BCH and CCEC have 7 net-new faculty in this category each, while COEHS lost 3).
  • Conversely, CCB lost 4 tenured or tenure earning faculty, 11 visitors and 4 instructors (not to mention losing 7 adjuncts). 

  • The only college to gain in total net-new faculty over the seven year period was the BCH, with 7 additional tenured or tenure earning faculty, 4 additional instructors, and 4 designated as other faculty; but 13 fewer visitors. It is also worth noting that BCH now has 25 net new adjuncts (the only college that revealed an increase in adjunct headcount). 

  • 32.2% of the total faculty of 938 are adjuncts this semester (though we understand that counting adjuncts as full faculty members likely overstates the percentage because few if any of the adjuncts teach full time). In 2007 the same percentage was 33.3% and in 2011, 31.3%. 

  • As we emphasized last spring, the UNF faculty has not grown as the article the President referenced implied, but rather shrunk by almost six percent, while targeted enrollment has fallen by 1.94% in terms of FTE students.