Information Item# 5 - Submitted by the Academic Standards Committee (2014/2015- May)


Withdrawal Dates and Academic Standing 


The FA Academic Standards Committee has concerned that currently UNF may have too liberal of a withdrawal date.  Attached are the current policies for several SUS institutions. It would appear that UNF is in-line with the majority of universities, therefore the committee decided not to proceed with any changes to the withdrawal deadlines at this time.

  1. I looked at most of your websites to see the posted deadline to withdraw from a course.  Can you all tell me how you set your dates?  Do you confer with financial aid?
  1. When calculating academic status do you consider term and cumulative GPA?  Did any other policy impact your institution’s decision to calculate by one or both? 

USF –  

The last day to drop/withdraw at USF is the Friday of the 10th week of classes in the semester.  For Summer and alternative calendar sessions, it is the 70% mark based on the number of weeks the class meets.

Our academic status rules use both cumulative and term GPA.  The policy statement is as follows:  The first time an undergraduate student’s USF grade point average (GPA) falls below a cumulative 2.0, the student will be placed on Academic Probation (AP). From the beginning of academic probation, the student must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA each term, and may not totally withdraw from any semester without cause.


UWF –  

At UWF the withdrawal deadline is the 50th class day as the withdrawal deadline (which is the 10th week - we may fudge a day or two to make it a Friday). Shorter terms are adjusted proportionality.


Academic standing is determined by the cumulative institutional GPA BUT the term GPA is used in the rules to determine "sufficient academic progress" to stay on probation and not be suspended. So a student on probation whose cum GPA may be 1.7, if the term GPA is 2.3 or higher, will stay on probation.  Our colleges review standings and they may determine to suspend the student anyway....


UCF –  

Our withdrawal deadline is the 60% + 1 day in the term.  We do confer with Financial Aid to make sure that we’re both in agreement on the established date.


Academic standing is based on the institution’s GPA. If the UCF cumulative GPA (not the overall cumulative GPA) dips below 2.0, the student is placed on probation.  The term GPA is used to determine whether the student is meeting the terms of the probation and making progress.  The student must earn at least a 2.0 or higher with each term GPA in order to avoid a disqualification (suspension).  If the term GPA of each subsequent term following the probation is at least a 2.0, the student is continued on probation and once the UCF cumulative GPA reaches 2.0, he or she will be removed from probation.  However, at any point, while the student is on probation, the term GPA is less than 2.0, the student will be disqualified.


FAMU -  

Response:  Our deadline to withdraw is usually the 60% point in term plus a week.  And yes we confer with financial aid office.  They work with the 60% date.

Response:  Our academic standing considerations are now (as of fall 2014) based on cumulative GPA.  I am not sure if any other policy influenced the decision made by the Academic Policies Committee.



Yes, we confer with FA.  Our last day to withdrawal from the term is the last day of classes, not counting finals week.  That’s adjusted in summer but still generally is the same conceptual rule


We only look at FSU cum GPA (does not include transfer credit).  Do don’t look at the FSU term GPA in my office but the Deans do to determine if a student on probation is trending in the right direction.