Information Item # 3– Submitted by the Parking Advisory Council (2014/2015- June)



Parking Advisory Council Report for 2014-2015
Submitted By Diana Tanner, Parking Advisory Council Faculty Representative 

  1. No changes were made to permit fees, citation fees, permit categories, or locations of parking for specific groups for 2015-2016. The fee charged to tow vehicles was increased to cover the cost of towing.
  2. A total of 80 new Faculty/Staff parking spaces were added effective with Spring semester, consisting of 50 on the first floor ramp and 30 spaces on the student union side of the second floor in the Arena Garage. Based on a 1.5 permit sales ratio, this resulted in 120 additional faculty staff permits available. As of May 12, there were 20 faculty staff permits remaining.  

  3. Garage 44A opened at the start of spring 2015 semester with a total of 545 spaces. The first and second floors are set for Housing A. Housing A has 246 spaces on those two floors. The third floor has 147 spaces and can be set for either Housing A or Blue depending on the Housing permit sales. The fourth floor is a Blue (premium) parking area and has 152 spaces. This resulted in a net increase of 72 new Blue parking spaces.  

  4. The Environmental Center presented the results of a survey of 1,500 faculty, staff, and students, concerning electric charging stations for vehicles. Only 6% of responders indicated an interest in the possible charging stations. They were some concerns of increased energy costs for the University. Parking Services expressed a concern for monitoring the use of parking spaces containing charging stations. The Parking Advisory Council unanimously supported moving the initiative forward. 

  5. The Council discussed a possible automatic renewal of parking permits for faculty and staff. The topic was deferred to the next academic year pending the effect that the new faculty/staff spaces has on the wait list for the faculty/staff permits.