Information Item# 1 -Submitted by the Academic Standard Committee     (2014/2015- Jan)



Question & Response in Related to Student-Athlete  


The Academic Standards Committee reached out to COEHS - Interim Associate Dean, Dr. Jennifer Kane, Faculty Athletics Representative, to address a question.


"In the event of absences due to participation in a University-sponsored activity, instructors must allow students the opportunity to make up work due during such absences. However, it is the student's responsibility to make prior arrangements with the instructor to hand in written materials (e.g., assignments, papers, and projects) and to reschedule any activities that would normally occur in class (e.g., quizzes, tests, presentations, and performances)."


“Hypothetically a student had concussion in the middle of the semester and could not come to class for the rest of the semester. The student has not done any substantial work for any grade. The student gets an incomplete grade. How is the grade going to be resolved? Who is responsible to teach the student the rest of the material because I am not teaching the same course next semester?


If they injure a leg I tell them to tough it up. It worked in past. But with UNF making policies I do not want to do anything illegal.”


Jennifer’s response was:

In the hypothetical case presented above, my response is that the student-athlete would be treated the same as any other student who was in this situation. The first consideration is the UNF policy for faculty assigning an incomplete grade. A faculty member should not assign any student an incomplete unless they have "completed a substantial portion (at least a majority) of the course with a passing grade." Therefore the student in the hypothetical situation would not be eligible for an incomplete grade. The student-athlete, in this situation, would need to try to petition for a medical withdrawal from his/her classes as would any student in this situation. Of course, if the student/or student-athletes was going to be able to return to class, the work they missed due to the injury would need to be made up. If they are missing a substantial amount of class time due to the injury (say the injury happened at the beginning of the course), the instructor could still recommend the student petition a medical withdrawal. I would recommend they do that in consultation with our academic support staff. 


UNF policy for grades can be found at Below is a portion of this policy for assigning incomplete grades:


At the instructor’s discretion, students who have not completed required work in a course by the end of the semester may be assigned a grade of “I.” For an “I” to be assigned, the student must have completed a substantial portion (at least a majority) of the course with a passing grade.
The “I” is not computed in the grade point average. The time limit for removing the “I” is set by the instructor of the course. This time limit may not exceed one calendar year or graduation, whichever comes first. The time limit applies whether the student is in residence or not. To extend an incomplete beyond one year, the student must petition for a waiver of University policy.


I would encourage any instructor who has a student-athlete in their class to feel comfortable contacting Dee Kennedy or myself any time they have a specific question about a student-athlete's academic performance. Dee, and her staff, are very helpful and will assist in any way possible.
Dee teaches adjunct for our college, so she is very aware of the instructor side of these types of issues. 


Please let me know if you need any further clarification on this or any other scenario. 


Best Regards,




The ASC voted to make Jennifer’s response our official response for the purposes of this question.