Information Item #03 – Submitted by Dr. Judith Miller, Executive Director for Assessment, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment     (2014/2015- Feb)

Annual IDEA Ratings of Chairs and Administrators 


Please complete evaluations of the provost, your dean, and (in some departments) your chair, thoughtfully and constructively!


  • All full time faculty (except visitors) will get an invitation, sent from The IDEA Center, to evaluate the provost, their dean (except not in COEHS), and in some cases their chairs.
  • Online evaluations are managed by The IDEA Center at Kansas State University (  
  • Email invitations and reminders began Wed 1/28 and will end on Wed 2/11.


Common faculty concerns:


Anonymity of responses is guaranteed by both the forms and the process.


Each faculty member is asked to complete either two or three rating forms.

  • All full time faculty (except visitors) get an invitation to evaluate the provost.
  • All full time faculty (except visitors) get a separate invitation to evaluate their dean. However, because Dean Ajay Samant is stepping down, CCB faculty will not be asked to evaluate him.
  • Faculty in SOME departments get an invitation to evaluate their chair. Chairs being evaluated this year are:
                       COAS:  Charles Closmann, James Garner, Pat Geesey, Dan Moon, Debra Murphy, Brian Striar, Randy Tinnin, Mike Toglia
                       COEHS: Jeffrey Cornett, Karen Patterson


UNF Contact:

Judith E. Miller, Executive Director of Assessment