Information Item # 2 -From Office of the Provost and Vice President          (2013-2014/Sept)




UNF Faculty Handbook: 

Chapter 8.6- Retired and Emeritus Faculty
Article 29.4 of the BOT-UFF Collective Bargaining agreement provides that all faculty members retired from the University shall be eligible, upon request, and on the same basis as active faculty members, subject to university policies, to receive the following benefits:  

  1. Retired faculty member identification card.
  2. Use of the University library (i.e., public rooms, lending and research service).
  3. Listing in the University directory.
  4. Placement on designated University mailing lists.
  5. A University parking decal. Parking at the University (Retired faculty members may obtain a daily parking pass at no cost by presenting his or her retired faculty ID card at the parking booth located on the University campus near the Kernan Blvd entrance, at the corner of UNF Drive and Alumni Drive.
  6. Use of University recreational facilities (retired faculty members may be charged fees different from those charged to other faculty members for the use of such facilities).
  7. The right to enroll in courses without payment of fees, on a space available basis, in accordance with the provisions of Section 240.235(3), Florida Statutes.
  8. A mailbox in the department/unit from which the faculty member retired, subject to space availability.
  9. University e-mail address.
  10. In accordance with University policy, and on a space available basis, the University is encouraged to grant a retired faculty member's request for office or laboratory space.

In addition to those benefits provided all retired faculty, emeritus faculty shall enjoy additional campus courtesies available to active faculty, including but not limited to: 

  1. Receipt of a free discount (or equivalent) parking decal and the option of upgrading to a higher level of parking decal at their own expense.
  2. Use of university computers and network
  3. Maintenance of active faculty status in the university ERP system
  4. Use of recreation facilities (at the same fees as charged active faculty members), faculty commons (lounge), OFE, and CIRT.
  5. Admission to athletic and cultural events (at the same fees as charged active members).
  6. Right to participate in convocation, graduation ceremonies, and other academic events.
  7. Listing in the UNF catalog (and online directories) with emeritus designation.