Information Item # 1-Submitted by FA President, Dr. Gordon F .M. Rakita          (2013-2014/Sept)



Faculty Association Special Election Results for Members of the Search Committee

for Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs   


I am pleased to announce that the following faculty were elected to serve on the Search Committee for a Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.
           Christie, Catherine (BCH)
           Cobb, Sharon (CCB)
           Cornett, Jeffrey (COEHS)
           Corrigan, Matthew (COAS)
           Jaffee, David (COAS)
           Kimball, Sam (COAS)
           Klostermeyer, Chip (CCEC)
           Kucsak, Michael (Library)
           Mason, Paul (CCB)
248 (out of 603) faculty voted in the special election representing a response rate of 41%.  I want to thank each of you who cast your ballots. I also would like extend my gratitude to all of the faculty who agreed to be nominated and to the 9 who will represent us in this important task.