Information Item #5-Submitted by Dr. Cheryl Frohlich, APC Chair:







College Deans and Department Chairs  



Dr. Cheryl Frohlich, (2013-2014) Chair

Academic Programs Committee  



Untaught Courses for the Last Five Years


Date:  September 17, 2013  



It has come to the attention of the APC Committee that courses not taught in the last five years will be deleted unless an APC form is entered with some sort of change such as an up-to-date description of the course and the course will be offered within one year's span of time (see below). The deletion of these unused courses is required by state regulations. Please refer to the list attached, which has been separated by college and department. 

6A-10.0331 Deletion of Courses from Catalogs and Statewide Course Numbering System.


(1) Each university and each community college shall adopt, as part of the procedure for the preparation of its institutional catalog, a rule to ensure that courses which have not been taught for five (5) years, or less if desired, are deleted from the catalog. Each institution shall also notify the Office of the Statewide Course Numbering System to delete these courses........

(2) Courses not taught in the preceding five (5) years or less in keeping with institutional requirements, that an institution wishes to continue shall be reviewed in the same manner that the institution reviews courses which are proposed for addition to the catalog and statewide course numbering system. ( Must go through the APC Committee)...... A course may be continued in the catalog if the institution plans to offer it during the next five (5) years.

(3) The president of each university and the president of each community college shall annually certify to the board of trustees for that university or college that the institution has complied with Section 1007.24, Florida Statutes.

Specific Authority 1007.24(8) FS. Law Implemented 1001.02, 1007.24 FS. History-New 12-31-86, Amended 4-7-87, 8-30-88, 12-18-05.


Please review the list which is attached to see what courses will be deleted. If there is a course that you plan on offering within the next year, please put the course through the APC Committee with a change such as in description. If this is not done, the course will be deleted.



Dr. Cheryl Frohlich emailed the college deans and department chairs on 9/17/2013 if they want to retain the Untaught Five Years Courses that they plan to provide. All the courses changes need to submit to the APC committee by January 2014 in the same school year.