Information Item # 2: Submitted by the Nominations and Elections Committee          (2013-2014/May)



Election Results for 2014-2016 Standing and University Committees
& 2014 Distinguished Professor

(A list of winners of the contested positions) 



(View the links for the 2014-2016 Election Results: 
Standing Committee Election Results & University Committee Election Results)

Standing Committees

Academic Programs Committee:  COEHS – Kim Cheek
Academic Standards Committee: At-Large – Diana Tanner (CCB)
Budget Advisory Committee: At-Large – Sam Kimball (COAS)

At-Large – Richard Patterson (COAS)

At-Large – Adel El-Ansary (CCB)

Campus Technology Committee: COAS – Donna Mohr
COEHS – Ronghua (John) Ouyang
Faculty Affairs Committee:

 At-Large – Dan Richard (COAS)

At-Large – Gordon Rakita (COAS)

At-Large – David Fenner (COAS)

At-Large – Diana Tanner (CCB)

At-Large – Lisandra Carmichael (Library)

Faculty Enhancement Committee:  CCB – Harriet Stranahan

CCEC – Paul Eason
BCH (Replacement) – *Mary Locklear (9/15)

At-Large – Joel Beam (BCH)

Research Committee: COAS – Jody Nicholson 

BCH – Michelle Moore

At-Large – Kerry Clark (BCH)

Support Service Committee: CCEC – Patrick Kreidl

*Appointed by FA president 



University Committees

(**Final Appointment Subject to the University President’s Approval) 


Calendar Committee:                                   
COEHS – Elizabeth Gregg


Distance Learning Committee:                               
COAS – Gordon Rakita


Commission On Diversity And Inclusion:               
At-Large – Melissa Hargrove (COAS)


Food Service Advisory Council:                              
At-Large – Terri Ellis (COAS)                                                                     

At-Large – Jacqueline Shank (BCH)


General Education Council:                                    
COAS (Natural Sciences) – Jane MacGibbon

**Intercollegiate Athletic Committee:                                                                               

**Faculty At-large – David Jaeger (CCB) (8/2017)
**Faculty At-large – Beven Livingston (BCH) (8/2017)
**Faculty At-Large (replacement) – Elizabeth Gregg (COEHS) (8/2016)

**Faculty At-Large (replacement) – Jason Lee (COEHS) (8/2016)

Student Conduct Board:                              

At-Large – Juliana Leding (COAS)
At-Large – Hugh Cornell (COAS)

At-Large – Terence Cavanaugh (COEHS)

At-Large – Julie Merten (BCH)


University Appeals Committee:                              

CCEC – Roger Eggen

At-Large – Caroline Guardino (COEHS)


University Appeals Committee (Alternate):    

At-Large – Alice Eng (Library)


University Technology Committee:            
At-Large – Karthikeyan Umapathy (CCEC)




2014 Distinguished Professor Award

Kristine W. Webb –
Exceptional, Deaf, & Interpreter Education (COEHS)