Information Item # 2: Submitted by the Constitutional Convention Committee          (2013-2014/March)


University of North Florida Constitution Request


Every ten years, representatives from the USPA, Student Government, A&P Association and Faculty Association come together to review the UNF Constitution and propose possible changes. The UNF Constitution is a document that reaffirms shared governance in the university across the different associations. The constitution is an important statement by the UNF community that members of our community have basic rights and also basic responsibilities. The constitution must be consistent with all collective bargaining agreements and UNF regulations. The President needs to approve any suggested changes. The convention will be considering suggested revisions during several meetings during the spring.

The university community is invited to comment and/or present proposals, which may be offered to Dr. Matthew Corrigan or to Faculty Association President, Dr. Gordon Rakita, or community members also, have the opportunity to submit suggestions anonymously by clicking
here to provide your submission. Once suggested revisions are approved by the convention, they will be available.