Information Item # 2: Submitted by the Executive Committee          (2013-2014/Jan)



The Constitutional Convention Committee

Prior to expiration of the Constitution, a Constitutional Convention shall be convened to determine if revisions are necessary, and to recommend any such revisions, and/or recommend the continuation of this Constitution. At the beginning of the academic year prior to expiration of this Constitution, the President of the University shall meet with the Presidents of the Constituent Associations to establish the composition of the Convention. The Convention shall include the President of each of the Constituent Associations and three other delegates selected in accordance with Constituent Association bylaws. Each Constituent Association may select two alternate delegates with voting privileges; however, only four of the six may vote at any one meeting of the Convention. The General Counsel of the University will be an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Convention. The President of the University will select a member of the University Community to act as President of the Convention. Each Constituent Association identified in Article III shall approve or disapprove this constitution and communicate the results to the President of the University within two months of the receipt of the document from the Constitutional Convention. This Constitution shall take effect when approved by the President of the University and shall expire ten years from that date*. The process by which the President of the University approves this Constitution shall conform to collective bargaining agreements in force at the time the document is considered.


Faculty Representatives:

Karen Patterson (COEHS)

Katherine Robinson (BCH)

Karthikeyan Umapathy (CCEC)

Gordon Rakita (FA President)


Matthew Corrigan (COAS) was selected by President Delaney to preside over the convention.


The Constitution Jurisdiction Committee   

The Constitution Jurisdiction Committee shall hear and make recommendations to the President of the University regarding the resolution of conflicts where jurisdiction among the Constituent Associations is questioned. It shall also make recommendations when requested by the President of the University and/or the Presidents of any of the Constituent Associations on matters of Constitutional interpretation. The Committee may assist the President of the University in determining the appropriate Associations and/or procedures to deal with issues. The Constitution Jurisdiction Committee shall consist of thirteen members: a chairperson appointed by the President of the University, the President of each Constituent Association or her/his designee and two members of each association selected in accordance with the bylaws of each. 


Committee Members and term ends (09/2014):

Gordon Rakita (FA President)

Katherine Robinson (At-large)