Information Item # 2: Submitted by the Nominations and Elections Committee          (2013-2014/Feb)


Faculty Association Standing and University Committee Nominations


Elections for upcoming vacancies for Faculty Association Standing Committees and University Committees will be held at the April Faculty Association meeting. Terms for vacancies on Faculty Association Committees are two years and begin fall 2014.  Terms for vacancies on University Committees are one or two years also begin fall 2014.

Nominations are being accepted by any Nominations and Elections Committee members (COAS-Ron Lukens-Bull, CCB-John McEldowney, CCEC-Patrick Kreidl, COEHS-Sophie Maxis, BCH-Mary Lundy, LIBRARY-Marielle Veve, Vice-Chair- Pingying Zhang, and Chair-Chung-Ping (Albert) Loh) as well as from the floor during the March 6th Faculty Association meeting. 

A list of nominees is available on the Faculty Association website through the Hotline link: