Information Item # 4: Submitted by the Faculty Affairs Committee          (2013-2014/April)




Application Checklist and Statement of Accuracy



Each candidate must submit an application checklist – as the first page of the submitted application -- that confirms that he/she followed the application guidelines. Each candidate must sign the Application Checklist and Statement of Accuracy.   If applications deviate from these guidelines, the application will be eliminated.


____ The period of time used in the preparation of application is the past five years and no longer.

____ The Curriculum Vita is a maximum of five pages and consists of my teaching accomplishments and any scholarship and/or service directly related to my teaching during the past five academic years.

____ The list of courses taught during the past five academic years (not including summer) is presented on a single page. The list contains course number, course name, number of credit hours, and student enrollment.

____ The teaching narrative is a maximum of three pages and provides a discussion of my teaching philosophy and my most significant teaching accomplishments during the past two academic years.

____ The application materials do not include ISQ raw data, course syllabi, handouts, teaching evaluations, or other appendices.

____ The application materials are arranged in the following order and do not exceed 10 pages.

            ____ Signed “Application Checklist and Statement of Accuracy” (1 page)

            ____ Vita (5 pages)

            ____ List of courses (1 page)

            ____ Discussion (3 pages)

____ Standard margins (1-inch or 1.25 inch) and 11 or 12-point font are used for all materials presented in application.






I, ________________________________ (applicant's name), confirm my submitted application meet the above listed requirements.  I understand if my application does not meet the above requirements, it will not be reviewed.  I also hereby attest to the accuracy of the information contained in this application.



      Full Name:       ______________________________________________________________

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Department:      ______________________________________________________________



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