Information Item #4 - Submitted by Nominations & Elections Committee          (2012-2013/May)


Election Results for 2013-2014 Standing and University Committees
& 2013 Distinguished Professor
(A list of winners of the contested positions) 


Standing Committees 

Strategic Planning Advisory Committee:     CCB - Parvez Ahmed


University Committees 

(**Final Appointment Subject to the University President's Approval.)


Bookstore Advisory Council:   At-Large - Alice Eng (Library)
  At-Large - Gregory Helmick (COAS)
Calendar Committee:   COAS - Scott Hochwald
  BCH - Bonnie Pope
Distance Learning Committee:   COAS - Yongan Wu
  BCH - Erin Largo-Wight
Food Service Advisory Council:   At-Large - Mary Borg (COAS)
  At-Large - Rob Haley (BCH)
General Education Council:    COAS (Social Sciences) - Juliana Leding
Honors Council:   COEHS - Caroline Guardino
**Intercollegiate Athletic Committee:   **Faculty At-large - Jennifer Kane (COEHS)
  **Faculty At-large - Shana Harrington (BCH)
**Space Committee:    **At-Large - Paul Mosley (Library)
  **At-Large - Michael Kucsak (Library)
Student Conduct Board:   At-Large - Kelly Smith (COAS)
  At-Large - Pieter de Jong (CCB)
  At-Large - Kim Cheek (COEHS)
University Technology Committee:   At-Large - Lakshmi Goel (CCB) 

2013 Distinguished Professor Award 

Judith C. Rodriguez   (Brooks College of Health - Nutrition & Dietetics)