Information Item #3 - Submitted by the Information Technology Services: Local Administrator Rights on UNF Computers          (2012-2013/Feb)


Local Administrator Rights on UNF Computers


Below are the statistics reflecting the faculty requests received for local administrator rights for 2010, 2011, and 2012. Note that improvements in the review process, such as including a reminder feature for supervisors, have consistently decreased the review period. The latest changes were instituted for the fall 2012 term.

Faculty Requests Submitted
Faculty Requests Approved
Avg. # of Days for the Faculty Supervisor to Review**
Avg. # of days for the Local Admin. Rights Board (LARB) to Review**
2010-early 2011* 62 44 N/A N/A
2011 29 17 52 32
All of 2012 86 76 3 15
Fall 2012 25 25 3 5

* Does not reflect 12 months; early system lacked time tracking until early-2011
**Counts include weekends and holidays making numbers higher than actual working days
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