Information Item #2 - Submitted by Dr. Judith Miller, Executive Director for Assessment, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment     (2012-2013/Feb)


Annual IDEA Ratings of Chairs and Administrators 

Please complete evaluations of the provost, your dean, and (in some departments) your chair, thoughtfully and constructively!

  • All full time faculty (except visitors) will get an invitation, sent from The IDEA Center, to evaluate the provost, their dean, and in some cases their chairs.
  • Online evaluations are managed by The IDEA Center at Kansas State University (
  • Email invitations and reminders will begin Fri 2/1 and end on Fri 2/15.
Common faculty concerns:


Anonymity of responses is guaranteed by both the forms and the process. Each faculty member is asked to complete either two or three rating forms.
  • All full time faculty (except visitors) get an invitation to evaluate the provost.
  • All full time faculty (except visitors) get a separate invitation to evaluate their dean.
  • SOME departments get an invitation to evaluate their chair. Chairs being evaluated this year are:
          CCB:     Gene Baker, Rob Frankel , Andres Gallo, David Jaeger
          CCEC:   Murat Tiryakioglu
          COEHS: Jeffrey Cornett, Jennifer Kane, Ronghua Ouyang, Karen Patterson