Information Item #3 - Submitted by Carlo Fassi, Student Government President          (2012-2013/Dec)


AIM Higher Campaign


University of North Florida Faculty Association,


Aim Higher is a student-run campaign that focuses on raising awareness amongst Florida politicians about the importance of investing in higher education. Originally proposed by the University of Florida, its desire is to involve all Florida universities and affiliate organizations in order to have the biggest impact. As the creators of Aim Higher point out, funding higher education will be beneficial to the state as a whole. There will be a high return rate on the investment because of the improved workforce and economic status a well-educated population produces. By making Florida's tuition rates as low as possible, more students will have the accessibility and desire to go to college and those graduates will subsequently improve the quality of Florida's workforce. In short, investing in Florida's students will be an investment in Florida's future. 


Despite the critical importance of focusing on educating Floridians, support for higher education has steadily decreased in Florida, and the state is seeing the consequences. As a result of the lack of state funding for higher education, tuition prices for Florida's students have increased (see attached presentation). Given that higher education's accessibility is critical to Florida's future, Floridians must demand attention to the issue in order solve the current mounting problem. The time to do something is now.


Student Government at UNF is stressing Florida to "Aim Higher." Florida's elected politicians have a duty to vote and write laws that best represent and affect their constituency. As the electorate, it is our duty to inform politicians about how we feel regarding state issues so they can represent us accurately. To accomplish this, Student Government is asking all UNF affiliates to contribute to a letter writing campaign that will be distributed to Florida's policymakers in Tallahassee. Our goal is to receive 1,000 personalized letters by March 2013 that we can hand deliver to legislatures. 


Talking points for a letter could include the following:

  • Why increased funding for higher education is important to you
  • How the rising cost of tuition affects you
  • The impact of college for you and your future

For maximum attention to be given to each letter, be sure to include your name, a return address, and the county in Florida where you're registered to vote!




Carlo Fassi 
President and University Trustee 
Student Government 
University of North Florida 
"Working together to put Ospreys first!"