Information Item # 2- Submitted by the Nominations & Elections Committee          (2011-2012/May)

Election Results for 2012-2013 Standing and University Committees & 2012 Distinguished Professor

(A list of winners of the contested positions)



(View the links for the updated directories:  

Standing Committee Election Results & University Committee Election Results )


Standing Committees 


Academic Programs Committee:
COAS – Radha Pyati (withdrawn)
Academic Standards Committee:
COAS – Melissa Bush
Adjunct Affairs Committee:
COEHS – Daniel Dinsmore 
Faculty Affairs Committee:
At-large – David Fenner (COAS)
At-large – Faiz Al-Rubaee (COAS)
At-large – Diane Tanner (CCB)
At-large – Elinor Scheirer (COEHS)
At-large – Barbara Kruger (BCH) 
Research Committee:
CCB – Paul Mason


University Committees

(**Final Appointment Subject to the University President’s Approval.)


Honors Council:
CCB – Parvez Ahmed
**Intercollegiate Athletic Committee:
**Faculty At-large – James Curry (COAS)
**Faculty At-large – Kristi Sweeney (COEHS) 
University Appeals Committee:
BCH - Debra Wagner
University Technology Committee:
CCEC – Katharine Brown 



2012 Distinguished Professor Award 


Mina Baliamoune-Lutz
(Coggin College of Business – Economics & Geography)