Information Item # 3- Submitted by the Faculty Association President          (2011-2012/March)

Faculty Awards Increases


TO:   Cindy Chin, Faculty Association Office Manager
FROM: J. Patrick Plumlee
UNF Faculty Association President, 2010-2012
DATE: February 4, 2012
RE: Faculty Awards


In accordance with the agreement reached between the UNF Faculty Association President and the Vice-President of Academic Affairs, the number and value of faculty awards are to be increased for the 2011-2012 award year, effective immediately. Each award committee should be notified of these changes. Current guidelines for selection of winners in each category will otherwise remain the same for the 2011-2012 award year.


The awards will be as follows:


Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award 10 @ $2,500 each

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award 2 @ $2,500 each

Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award 3 @ $2,500 each

Outstanding Faculty Service Award 2 @ $2,500 each


In the 2012-2013, the Outstanding Faculty Community Engaged Scholarship Award will be added as one of the awards administered by the Faculty Association. This award shall also be $2,500.


Procedurally, checks for the awards will be distributed directly to winners in each category at the annual University Convocation, beginning in the Fall 2012 semester.