Information Item # 5- Submitted by Dr. Judith Miller, Office of Institutional Research Assessment         (2011-2012/Feb)

Special Report from Dr. Judith Miller, Executive Director of Assessment (

1. IDEA Evaluations of Administrators:Please complete evaluations of the provost, your dean, and (in some departments) your chair, thoughtfully and constructively!

  • All full time faculty (except visitors) will get an email invitation, sent from The IDEA Center, to evaluate the provost, their dean, and in some cases their chairs.
  • Online process is managed by The IDEA Center at Kansas State University (
  • Email invitations and reminders will begin Wed 2/1 and end on Wed 2/15.
Common faculty concerns:

Anonymity of responses (guaranteed by both the forms and the process).
Confusion about how many surveyseach faculty member is supposed to complete (two or three).
  • All full time faculty (except visitors) evaluate the provost.
  • All full time faculty (except visitors) get a separate invitation to evaluate their dean.
  • SOME departments get an invitation to evaluate their chair (four year cycle).

2. National Survey of Student Engagement goes "live" on Feb. 8. Please encourage your freshmen and seniors to complete the survey!

  • Suggested script to read in class or to post as an announcement on your course Blackboard site:

"Starting on February 8, UNF freshmen and seniors will receive email invitations to complete the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).  NSSE provides UNF with valuable first-hand information that will help us improve our curriculum and campus life. You can make a difference to the future of UNF by completing the survey. For more information, please go to"