Information Item # 3- Submitted by the Budget Advisory Committee         (2011-2012/April)

The Potential Impact to UNF Budget Cut


The State's Higher Education Conference Committee has agreed upon (at a 3/1/2012 meeting) a  ~ 1.4% decrease to the overall anticipated SUS budget.  In light of that news, the Budget Advisory Committee would like to bring to the attention of faculty the importance of the potential impact to UNF in terms of the one-time $300 million dollar cut that will be allocated within the SUS based on: 


  1. Current recurring state funds base budget;
  2. Fund balance;
  3. Revenue generated from the tuition policy.


More specifically:

          $100 M was allocated based on each universities recurring state funds (this is the traditional methodology in allocating reductions)

          $150 M was allocated based on each universities fund balance, after ensuring that universities are able to maintain a 5% reserve

          $50 M was allocated based on the legislative tuition policy (15% tuition differential, 8% graduate/professional tuition, and 8% non-resident tuition increases)


To outline the potentially impacted budget sub-entities, we are also attaching more details related to the 2011/2012 and 2010/2011 UNF budget revenue and expenditures allocations.


Excerpt from the 2011/2012 UNF budget overview at


"Resources to fund UNF's 2011-12 university-wide operations are classified into the following principal areas referred to as budget entities. These entities are further divided into sub-groups or trust funds as follows:


Education & General (E&G)  This budget entity encompasses activities that address the primary functions of the university. These functions include Instruction & Research, Academic Support, Administrative & General Support, Library, Plant Operations & Maintenance, Student Affairs, and Institute & Research Centers. Educational & General activities are funded from the following sources:

  • General Revenue Trust Fund  (primarily Florida's Sales Tax)
  • Educational Enhancement Trust Fund (receipts from Lottery sale
  • Incidental/Student Fees Trust Fund (primarily student tuition and fees)

Auxiliary Enterprises  - These are self-supporting activities such as university housing, food service, bookstore, parking services, printing & duplicating, continuing education, telephone & telecommunications, etc.


Contract & Grants (C&G):  Resources generated in these funds come from federal, state, local government, and other private sources to conduct research projects and provide specific services.

  • Grants and Donations Trust Fund
  • Sponsored Research Trust Fund

Local Funds  budget entities:

  • Student Activities  (primarily student activity and service fees)
  • Intercollegiate Athletics  (primarily student athletic fees and ticket sales)
  • Concession  (vending machines revenue used to fund activities that directly benefit the university)
  • Financial Aid (resources used for scholarships, grants and other student financial aid expenditures)
  • Technology Fee  (primarily to cover costs associated with expanding distance learning opportunities for students, student support for the help desk and enhanced classroom technology)

In addition, the University receives non-operating funds that are dedicated to facilities planning, construction of buildings, equipment and repair, and renovations of campus facilities. The two primary sources of capital improvement funding are (a) the Capital Improvement Trust Fund (CITF) generated from building and capital improvement fees paid by students and, (b) the Public Education Capital Outlay Trust Fund(PECO) generated from the 2.5% levy on the gross receipts of electric, gas and telecommunications utilities."


UNF OPERATING BUDGET for 2011-12 (ALL SOURCES) - (Preliminary)
E & G FUNDING (1989-2012)
2011-12 (Preliminary) E&G Allocation By Division (Chart 2) &
2010-11 E&G Allocation By Division (Chart)

State University System of Florida (2012-2013 Budget) Executive Summary, March 01, 2012

University Nonrecurring Reduction Distribution
STATE UNIVERSITY SYSTEM OF FLORDIA 2012-2013 PECO Budget Executive Summary, March 5, 2012
State University System of Florida, DRAFT 2012-2013 Budget Executive Summary, March 05, 2012