Information Item # 3- Submitted by the Faculty Affairs Committee      (2010-2011/Oct)


Dr. Juergen Osterbrink Nominated an Honorary Degree

July 14, 2010

TO:  John Delaney, President

FROM: Faiz Al-Rubaee, Chair (2009-2010)
Faculty Affairs Committee
SUBJECT:  Honorary Degree Nomination


Dr. Pamela Chally, Dean of the Brooks College of Health, has nominated Dr. Juergen Osterbrink for an honorary degree. Dr. Osterbrink is the founding Dean and Professor of the Institute of Nursing Science at the Paracelsus Medical University in Salzburg, Austria. This institute is the first such academic institute of its kind operated by and for nurses.

Dr. Osterbrink has helped to put our UNF School of Nursing in a visible position on the European stage in healthcare education. It is through his efforts that our nursing students have had the opportunity to complete clinical rotations in Austria, creating transformational learning experiences that we want to become an integral part of the UNF undergraduate experience.

The Faculty Affairs Committee has reviewed and approved the nomination of Dr. Osterbrink for an honorary doctorate. Per the policy on honorary degrees, we are forwarding his name to you for consideration and disposition.

CC:         Mark Workman, Provost
Pamela Chally, Dean