The UNF Faculty Association Hotline




Next Faculty Association Meeting
Thursday, February 6, 2014

12:15 p.m.

(Talon Room)

(Osprey Commons, Building 16, 4th Floor)




February 6, 2014 Faculty Association Agenda Packet

(view the link)



Nominations for Faculty Association Officers

President, Vice President, & Secretary

will be accepted from the floor at the
February 6th Faculty Association Meeting


February 13 Deadline

for candidates to submit a one-page statement outlining
their credentials and what they hope to accomplish as officers
of the Association. These statements will be on the March Agenda.


Please e-mail to Cindy Chin,

Officer Charges (Click to View) 

Reminder : APC Workflow Program Changes

Major program changes
will NOT be voted on during the summer term meetings
of the Association (May, June and July).

**Tuesday, February 18, 2014**

is the final date for major program changes,
which can be submitted for consideration at the 
April 3, 2014 Faculty Association Meeting.

Major program changes received after this date
will NOT be considered until the
September 4, 2014Faculty Association Meeting.


Upcoming Faculty Association Standing Committee
University Committee Vacancies

Beginning Fall 2014

Elections for upcoming vacancies for
Faculty Association Standing Committees & University Committees
will be held at the April Faculty Association meeting.

Please contact any member of the followings during the month of February
if you are interested in serving on a committee.

(COAS - Ron Lukens-Bull, CCB - John McEdlowney,
CCEC- Patrick Kreidl , COEHS - Sophie Maxis,
BCH - Mary Lundy, Library - Marielle Veve,
vice-chair- Pingying Zhang, and
chair, Chung-Ping (Albert) Loh (, ext 1227)

Nominations will also be taken from the floor
during the Faculty Association meeting on March 6th.

Check the upcoming vacancies and click on the following links:

Faculty Association Standing Committee Vacancies
University Committee Vacancies

  Standing Committees Charges 

(view the link)


UNF Constitution Request


by APC Chair, Dr. Cheryl Frohlich

September 17, 2013


ACFS's on Shared Governance




Enrollment Update
October 15, 2013



Faculty Association Schedule



Academic Programs Committee Schedule



UNF Academic Matriculation Calendar

UNF Academic Matriculation Calendar


January 9, 2014 Faculty Association Agenda Packet 

December 5, 2013 Faculty Association Agenda Packet
November 7, 2013 Faculty Association Agenda Packet

October 3, 2013 Faculty Association Agenda Packet

September 5, 2013 Faculty Association Agenda Packet



Preventing Academic Dishonesty:
Recommended Practices for Online & Scantron Testing

This handout informs faculty of measures that can be taken
to prevent cheating by students during online testing and tips
on the use of Scantron Testing to alleviate cheating by students.



Retirement Information Update

i. ORPFRS Conversion Article
ii. SUSORP & FRS Investment Plan
& FRS Pension Plan





Comparison of Basic Duties and
Roles of Education Boards
Established by the Florida Constitution