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Academic Programs Committee Academic Programs Committee
Academic Standards Committee Academic Standards Committee
Adjunct Affairs Committee Adjunct Affairs Committee
Budget Advisory Committee Budget Advisory Committee
 Campus Technology Committee Campus Technology Committee
Faculty Affairs Committee Faculty Affairs Committee 
Faculty Enhancement Committee Faculty Enhancement Committee
Nominations and Elections Committee Nominations and Elections Committee
 Research Council Research Council
Strategic Planning Advisory Committee Strategic Planning Advisory Committee
Support Services Committee Support Services Committee
Executive Committee Executive Committee


Directory of Standing Committees Directory of University Committees
(2015-2016) (2015-2016)
(2014-2015) (2014-2015)
(2013-2014) (2013-2014)
(2012-2013) (2012-2013)
(2011-2012) (2011-2012)
(2010-2011) (2010-2011)
(2009-2010) (2009-2010)
(2008-2009) (2008-2009)
(2007-2008) (2007-2008)
(2006-2007) (2006-2007)
(2005-2006) (2005-2006)