Agenda Packet: September 1, 2016

Legislative Items
FA 16-29 College of Arts and Sciences (Graduate) - (Mathematics & Statistics, Psychology): - Programs of Study changes (3 packages)
FA 16-30 College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction (Undergraduate) - (School of Engineering/Mechanical): - Course Changes & Programs of Study (1 package)
FA 16-31 Brooks College of Health (Doctoral) - (School of Nursing): - Course Changes & Programs of Study (1 package)
FA 16-32 Delaying Class Withdrawal Date Later in the Academic Calendar -
FA 16-33 Proposal for an Outstanding Adjunct Teaching Awards -
FA 16-34 2017-2018 University of Matriculation Calendar -
Information Items
#I Academic Standing
#II Admissions – Transfer Students (Undergraduate)
#III Admissions – First time in College ("FTIC")
#IV Graduation - First Baccalaureate Degree Requirements
#V 2016-2017 Promotion and Tenure Timeline

Parking Advisory Council Report

#VII 2016-2017 Standing and University Committee Directories
#VIII APC 2015-2016 Annual Report
#IX APC Workflow System Packages 2015-2016 by Colleges and Departments
#X APC Workflow System WfS Checklist
#XI Links from APC WfS Checklist
#XII APC WfS – Frequently Asked Questions
#XIII Program of Study (POS) Guidelines & Requirements
#XIV 2016-2017 Faculty Association Schedule
#XV 2016-2017 Academic Programs Committee Schedule
#XVI 2016-2017 University Matriculation Calendar