Agenda Packet: March 6, 2014

Legislative Items
FA 14-03 2014-2015 Faculty Association Budget Proposals -
FA 14-04 CCEC (Undergraduate) - (School of Computing, School of Engineering/Civil): New Courses, Course Changes, and Programs of Studies Changes (2 packages)
FA 14-05 Brooks College oh Health (Undergraduate) - (Nutrition and Dietetics, School of Nursing): New Course, Courses Changes, and Programs of Study Changes (4 packages)
FA 14-06 BCH (Graduate) - (School of Nursing): New Course (1 package)
FA 14-07 Definition of the Credit-Hour -
Information Items
Item #1 Provost Search Faculty-Staff Survey Results
Item #2 UNF Constitution Request (2014)
Item #3 Clicker Selection Update
Item #4 Faculty Association Standing and University Committee Nominations
Item #5 Untaught Five Years Courses Deadline