Academic Programs Committee

APC Charge

The Academic Programs Committee (APC) shall review curricular proposals for the creation, deletion, or modification of academic programs and courses. In their review of curricular proposals, members of the committee shall determine (1) whether the degree program or course is academically appropriate in a particular college or department, (2) whether there is overlap, repetition, or redundancy in the creation of new degree programs or courses, and (3) whether all relevant parties have been consulted and had the chance to review the proposal. Matters of presentation of academic curricula – the UNF Catalog, for instance -- are the responsibility of Academic Affairs; matters of compliance with accreditation standards are the responsibility of the relevant department/college and/or Academic Affairs.  Representatives to the APC Committee shall review all proposals in a timely manner and work with departments to formulate final submissions. 


2017-2018 APC Schedule


General questions should be directed to the current APC Chair at


2017-2018 APC Officers

  • Chair: Dr. Kim Cheek, Associate Professor in the Childhood Education, Literacy, & TESOL
  • Vice Chair: Dr. Cynthia Cummings, Associate Professor in the School of Nursing
  • Secretary:  Dr. Andrea Arikawa, Assistant Professor in the Nutrition & Dietetics


2017-2018 APC Members

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Submitting Requests to the APC

Effective December 8, 2010, requests to the APC must be submitted online using the APC Workflow System (WfS).

Training materials to  help those who use the WfS to track, author, or review APC requests are available from the APC Workflow System menu.


Questions about the system should be sent to


Legislative Calendar

Select the year your Form/WfS was submitted. Actions by the Faculty Association and Academic Affairs are listed for each agenda item.

Meaning of Action:
Forward                 - to Faculty Association Meeting
Passed                  - to Graduate Dean or Undergraduate Dean
Approved              - to Academic Affairs (Shawn Brayton, Director)
UBOT                    - Undergraduate or Graduate New Degree Program Proposal
UBOT & BOG       - Doctoral New Degree Program Proposal