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PASS Academic Skills Workshops

PASS workshops are designed to help students build and develop critical academic skills. If you have ever wanted to sharpen your study skills, or make a better plan to manage your time, these short 55-minute programs would be a good investment! Each workshop is designed to give you something to walk away with- a study plan, a self-diagnosis, a learning style assessment, and more. All sessions are led by trained students who, although they have been successful, are always looking for ways to improve their own skills.


Current topics include:


Making Time to be Successful at UNF - Developing time management and study habits

Do you sometimes feel like your schedule controls you? Are you exhausted just by thinking about your to-do list? Does your new class load seem unmanageable? This workshop is all about getting control of your obligations, formulating a plan, and maintaining your goals. Walk out of this session with your priorities and schedule aligned with easy-to-use templates.


Note Taking - A guide to building successful habits

Taking "good" notes can be a constant struggle when faced with different lecture styles, information overload, or a subject you just are not passionate about. In this workshop, learn about what to do before, during, and after taking notes so that you save time and energy when reviewing for exams. You will be able to leave this session with new strategies to streamline your note taking process and build better habits.


Email Etiquette - Professional communication in daily life

Coming soon!


Upcoming Workshops

All sessions run aprox. 55 minutes, are held in the SASS Suite, 2200 Founders Hall, and are free to current UNF students.