University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Academic Affairs Committee

  • Meeting
October 21, 2014
Osprey Commons, Faculty Lounge at 10:15 a.m.


Committee Members Present

Lynn Pappas, Chip Klostermeyer, Fred Franklin, Sharon Wamble-King, Myron Pincomb

Committee Members Absent

Joy Korman

Item 1 Call to Order

The chair called the meeting to order.

Item 2 Approval of Minutes


Minutes from June 10, 2014 were approved.

Item 3 Open Comments


Item 4 Approval of Regulation Amendments – Waiver of Tuition and Fees

Tom Serwatka stated that the waiver considered today consolidated what already exists into one policy for clarity. The state proviso requires us to provide these waivers and we have put them together to further the mission of the university.

Motion to approve the Waiver of Tuition and Fees was seconded and passed unanimously.

Item 5 Presentation of Newly Hired Faculty

Interim Provost Earle Traynham presented a breakdown of the 50 new faculty hires and advisors for this fall. He also noted that we had an opportunity to hire a husband and wife team which we discussed with the BOT earlier. This married faculty team has already received a grant while still new to the university. 

The new faculty represent a wide array of universities and disciplines.

This is an information item only and there is no need to approve.

Item 6 New Peer and Aspirant Schools

Associate Provost Jay Coleman provided a tentative listing of new UNF aspirant and peer institutions. He explained the process which resulted in the listing in front of the Board. After applying appropriate filters, the list was reduced to 33 institutions. This list is still too long if we are to visit these intuitions or want to highlight the initiatives of these institutions.

Chip Klostermeyer suggested that we consider endowment as an important factor. Lynn Pappas noted that aspirants should have the same profile as UNF because our peer profiles aren’t really like us. There should be certain “givens” when we do this exercise. A discussion focused on the BOG performance funding metrics and how UNF must compete against the other SUS while it might not serve us that well. There was a general sense that performance measures need to be “mission-centric” and that there are disadvantages to a system defining what performance measures should be for very different institutions.

This is an information item only and there is no need to approve.

There was a motion to adjourn; the motion was approved unanimously.