University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Academic Affairs Committee

  • Meeting
January 7, 2014
Herbert Center at ~10:15 a.m.


Committee Members Present

Myron Pincomb, Lynn Pappas, Gordon Rakita, Fred Franklin, Sharon Wamble-King

Item 1 Call to Order

With a quorum being present, the meeting was called to order.

Item 2 Approval of Minutes

Minutes from October 15, 2013 approved.

Item 3 Open Comments


Item 4 Accountability Report

Interim Provost Traynham discussed the background behind the BOG-mandated Accountability Report and presented some highlights of that report. He noted that some of the measures included in this report are tied to performance funding, such as job placement and retention. Traynham also noted our lack of performance on contracts and grants but with the arrival of our new AVP for research, we hope to increase those numbers. Overall, we are attentive to areas where we need to show improvement. 

Lynn Pappas asked whether this report is used for other purposes and while there will be some alignment with performance funding, the report is not of critical importance aside from a standard SUS reporting mechanism.

Joy Korman noted that retention as an issue was discussed at a recent Trustees summit and the potential to revisit how we approach retention figures so that universities are not overly penalized for students who began at one institution but finish at another. Motion to approve the 2012-13 Accountability Report passed unanimously.

Item 5 Amended Regulation – Admissions, FTIC

John Yancey, Interim Assistant VP for Enrollment Services presented the newly amended regulation for FTIC admissions. These changes are statewide and the most important include:

  • Elimination of the sliding scale for admission 
  • Required additional unit of math 
  • Change in remediation levels from 440 to 460 on SAT.   

Yancey believes this change will be repealed this spring. 

None of these changes greatly impact UNF since most of our students are admitted well above these scores.

Joy Korman asked if these changes were statewide. Yancey responded that this amended regulation is statewide. Motion to approve the amended regulation passed unanimously.

Item 6 Tenure as a Condition of Employment

Interim Provost Traynham sought approval of tenure for two recent high-profile hires in the department of Criminology and Criminal Justice: J. Mitchell and Holly Miller. Both J. Mitchell and Holly Miller are accomplished scholars and successful grant-writers. J. Mitchell is hired at the professor level and Holly is hired at the associate professor level which provides the department with additional senior faculty. The faculty in the department voted unanimously to support tenure for the Millers. Motion to approve the tenure of the Millers passed unanimously.

Item 7 New Program – Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

Chair of the department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Judith Rodriguez discussed the value and need for the new program, DCN. She noted that the program will be strong both locally and nationally. Rodriguez also noted that there is a change in the profession and now a masters will be required. This is a great opportunity for UNF in that it allows us to position ourselves to prepare doctorally trained faculty to support this change. We will be one of two universities with this degree (Rutgers University being the other). Tuition will be competitively set and Rodriguez believes the faculty scholarship will be greatly enhanced with doctoral students.

Lastly, this program will be offered online so that we might reach students beyond our local area. Bruce Taylor asked how the dissertation will be handled with students living beyond Jacksonville. This program will require evidence-based research for the dissertation and students will be required to meet with faculty during this stage of the program. This program was also supported by a feasibility study.

President Delaney noted that the Nutrition program is one of our 6 flagship programs. There was a motion to approve the program; the motion was approved unanimously. Motion to approve the tenure of the Millers passed unanimously.

Item 8 New Program – Masters in Music

Chair of the department of Music, Randall Tinnin discussed the value and need for the new program, MM. Tinnin presented data on the number of undergraduates in the Music program and how many of them surveyed indicated they would remain at UNF to continue their studies. He discussed how mature the programs were becoming because of the great faculty in areas beyond the jazz program. Tinnin also noted that we compete with many schools of music because we are located in a metropolitan area with a symphony which creates great opportunities for our students. We also have great community partnerships and our students work in local schools providing music opportunities for disadvantaged students. Tinnin mentioned that our program is smaller in enrollment than other SUS programs however that provides our students with instruction from full-time faculty rather than graduate students.

President Delaney noted that the Music program is one of our 6 flagship programs. There was a motion to approve the program; the motion was approved unanimously.

Item 9 Presentation of the Music Flagship Program

Chair Randy Tinnin presented an overview of the Music Flagship program including its past history and the future plans for growth of different programs. There was a motion to adjourn; the motion was approved unanimously.