University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Academic Affairs Committee

  • Meeting
June 10, 2014
University Housing Club House at 10:15 a.m.

Committee Members Present


Lynn Pappas, Gordon Rakita, Fred Franklin

Item 1 Call to Order

The chair called the meeting to order.

Item 2 Approval of Minutes

Minutes from March 18, 2014 were approved. 

Item 3 Open Comments


Item 4 Update to the Multi-Year University Work Plan

Interim Provost Traynham presented highlights from the UNF Workplan for 2015-16.  This presentation included sections on UNF’s strategies to realize its vision (expansion, enhancement such as the Writing Center, Math Emporium, Learning Commons, Course Redesign and Freshman Year Experience programming, and collaboration), key initiatives we have identified for the BOG including enriched undergraduate learning, programs of excellence and distance learning enrollment growth and the BOG Performance Metrics and funding.  There was a question regarding distance learning and whether the increases we anticipate in distance learning will necessarily increase our enrollment.  The Provost’s presentation also included those programs slotted for approval by the BOG and noted that the DCN proposal has been pulled for the time being until we can address some of the BOG’s questions about the demand of this program.  

Motion to approve the 2015-16 UNF Workplan was seconded and passed unanimously.  

Item 5 New Degree Program – Master of Arts in International Affairs in Political Science and Public Administration 

Matt Corrigan, chair of the department presented the MAIA for approval to the BOT.  Corrigan noted the value of such a program in Jacksonville, addressing such issues as global affairs and cultural awareness.  This program is both collaborative and interdisciplinary and is an efficient use of our already allocated resources.  Currently we have 15-20 UNF Undergraduates interested in this program and we anticipate expansion once external recruitment is initiated.  The MAIA fits into UNF’s mission and goals and the BOG’s interest in globalization.  

Motion to approve the program proposal MAIA was seconded and passed unanimously.  

Item 6 New Degree Program – Masters of Science in Civil Engineering, Coastal and Port Engineering

Dean of the College of Computing, Engineering and Construction presented the new program proposal for an MS in Coastal and Port Engineering.  In this presentation, Dean Tumeo noted the series of support from the local area including Jaxport and the Army Corp of Engineers.  There was a survey of students done to gauge demand and with the opportunity for assistantships, a number of students were interested in enrolling in this program.  The program is seeking approximately $100k for assistantships and the faculty are already hired.  The major will be under Civil Engineering and we already have 8 students due to our collaboration with the University of Florida.  This will be the only port program in Florida and only 2 in the country.   

Motion to approve the program proposal MS in Coastal and Port Engineering was seconded and passed unanimously.  

Item 7 Amendment to Regulation: Religious Observances

Interim Provost Traynham reviewed the amendment to religious observances regulation with changes required to meet university procedures and already passed by the Faculty Association.     

Motion to approve the item was seconded and passed unanimously.  

Item 8 Presentation – Dr. Kerry Clark on Lyme Disease 

Dr. Kerry Clark, Associate Professor in Public Health presented his research on Lyme Disease.   


There was a motion to adjourn; the motion was approved unanimously.