University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Academic Affairs Committee

  • Meeting
June 10, 2014
University Housing Club House, Building 17, Room 2100 at ~10:15 a.m.

Item 1 Call to Order

Chair Pappas will call the meeting to order.

Item 2 Approval of the, March 18, 2014

Chair Pappas will address the committee and ask for approval of the minutes from the March 18 meeting.


Proposed Action – Approval – Motion and Second Required

Item 3 Open Comments

Chair Pappas will offer opportunity for open comments concerning items on this agenda.

Item 4 Update to the Multi-Year University Work Plan - Provost Traynham's Presentation

The Board of Governors (BOG) has specified that “Each board of trustees shall prepare a multi-year work plan/report for the Board of Governors that outlines its university’s top priorities, strategic directions, and specific actions and financial plans for achieving those priorities, as well as performance expectations and outcomes on institutional and system-wide goals.  The work plan/report shall reflect the university’s distinctive mission and focus on core institutional strengths within the context of State University System goals and regional and statewide needs.” 


Provost Traynham will address the committee and present this item.


Proposed Action – Approval – Motion and Second Required

Item 5 New Degree Program – Political Science and Public Administration

The purpose of this item is to seek approval of an interdisciplinary Master of Arts in International Affairs (MAIA). This degree would be the first in the College of Arts and Sciences to offer an international-oriented graduate degree in the social sciences. The degree would fit with expectations of potential employers and prepare students for careers available with the U.S. government, international governmental organizations, international nongovernmental organizations and education.


The MAIA degree is consistent with priorities of the Board of Governors (BOG) and the State University System (SUS) Strategic Plan. As described State University System Strategic Planning Goals, the MAIA degree will support engagement in a global society and contribute to international-related research and public service at home and abroad. More specifically, the MAIA degree is consistent with the Board of Governors’ points of emphasis by contributing to the quality and relevance of academic programs in our globalized economy. And, the MAIA will be UNF’s first social sciences graduate degree with an international focus, making such an education available to those in the Northeast Florida region.


Currently three other SUS institutions offer masters-level programs in international affairs. All three institutions indicated that there are no concerns about potential impact on enrollment.


UNF’s undergraduate International Studies Program has 165 majors who are candidates for the graduate program. UNF estimates that a new cohort of this program would be about 20 new students with an average new class of 20 per year.


The MAIA degree will not require new lines but the departments anticipate being able to replace departing colleagues who retire or resign in order to have the resources to offer the program. Contributing departments anticipate that there may be a slight increase in the use of adjuncts at the undergraduate level because some departments may need to assign faculty to the newly proposed degree.


Provost Traynham will address the committee and present this item.


Proposed Action – Approval – Motion and Second Required

Item 6 New Degree Program – Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Coastal and
Port Engineering

This item proposes a new major of Coastal and Port Engineering within the existing Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree. There is currently no other Port Engineering program in the state. This proposed degree will focus on the study, design, development and construction of physical infrastructure necessary to grow the economy while maintaining the high quality of life afforded by living on the coast.


The proposed major is consistent with the current State University System (SUS) Strategic Planning Goals in that it is an existing STEM degree, the major is tied to the economic needs of the region and the major is supported by local industry.


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects that employment of water transportation occupations is projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations from 2010 to 2020. At a local level, the proposed expansion of the port facilities in the Jacksonville area makes this topic particularly significant to Northeast Florida.


A survey conducted among existing Engineering students revealed that the subject matter of the proposed major is widely considered a valuable area of student with 96.5 percent indicating that port and coastal engineering is important to the region. And 77 percent of those surveyed indicated they were considering pursuing a graduate degree.


No other programs will be impacted by the implementation of the proposed major and no budget reassignment is necessary. The proposed program is built upon existing courses that have already been taught and will further enhance the existing undergraduate program in Civil Engineering which already has an approved concentration in Coastal and Port Engineering at the undergraduate level.


Provost Traynham will address the committee and present this item.


Proposed Action – Approval – Motion and Second Required

Item 7 Amendment to Regulation – Religious Observances

The purpose of this item is to propose amendments to the religious observances regulation so it will conform to current university procedures.


Provost Traynham will address the committee and present this item.


Proposed Action – Approval – Motion and Second Required

Item 8 Presentation – Dr. Kerry Clark, Associate Professor of Public Health – Lyme Disease

Dr. Kerry Clark, associate professor of Public Health, will provide a presentation on his, and his colleagues’ discoveries of two species of Lyme disease bacteria previously unknown to infect humans in patients.


Proposed Action – None

Item 9 Adjournment 

Chair Pappas will adjourn the meeting.