University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Academic Affairs Committee

  • Meeting
October 15, 2013
Osprey Commons, Room 3108 at 12:15 p.m.


Committee Members Present

Myron Pincomb, Lynn Pappas, Gordon Rakita, Fred Franklin, Sharon Wamble-King

Item 1 Call to Order

With a quorum being present, the meeting was called to order.

Item 2 Approval of Minutes

Minutes from June 11, 2013 approved.

Item 3 Open Comments


Item 4 Flagship Presentation

Jeff Michelman, Director of the IB Flagship program provided the AAC with a presentation on the history of and current standing of the flagship program. Jeff discussed the community involvement and service learning aspects of the program as well as the scholarship opportunities. He also mentioned the newly established partnership with KEDGE.  

Item 5 New Faculty Hires

Interim Provost Traynham presented an overview of the new faculty and academic administrators hired this fall. He noted that about 50% are female, the percent from minority groups is higher than the general population and over 90% have their terminal degree. Next fall we hope to hire about 40 faculty.

Item 6 Amendments to a Regulation – 2.0382R Admissions Transfer Students (Undergraduate)

Interim Assistant President for Enrollment Services, John Yancey, presented required change in transfer regulations. He noted that many of the changes were superficial and that the significant changes include the requirement that lower level transfer students must meet the profile our of FTIC population and that they must be in good academic standing as a transfer student. Upper level transfers must have met all the prerequisites to be admitted as upper division.  

There was a motion to approve the program; the motion was approved unanimously. 

There was a motion to adjourn; the motion was approved unanimously.