University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Plenary Session
June 11, 2013
Osprey Commons, Talon Room at 1:15 p.m.

Members Present

Carlo Fassi, Fred Franklin, Hugh Greene, Joy Korman, Rad Lovett, Oscar Munoz, Joannie Newton, Lynn Pappas, Myron Pincomb, Gordon Rakita, Lanny Russell, Bruce Taylor

Members Absent

Sharon Wamble-King

Item 1 Call to Order

Chair Taylor addressed those in attendance and called the plenary session to order at 1:20 p.m.

Item 2 Chair’s Report

Chair Taylor dispensed with this report to move the meeting forward.

Item 3 President’s Report

President Delaney followed suit.

Item 4 Open Comments

Chair Taylor asked those in attendance for comments on items on the agenda. There were no comments from the public.

Item 5 Consent Agenda

Chair Taylor asked if trustees would like to pull item(s) from the consent agenda. Chairs reported from their respective committees that all items were satisfactorily discussed; therefore, the consent agenda was presented for approval as shown. Chair Taylor asked for a MOTION for approval of the consent agenda. A MOTION was offered and seconded. The consent agenda was approved as posted.

  • Item 5A Minutes (March 19, 2013)
  • Item 5B Discussion on Presidential Contract with Mr. Paul McConnell, a Consultant Hired by the Board of Trustees
  • Item 5C Items from the Academic Affairs Committee
  • Item 5Ci Update to the Multi-Year University Work Plan
  • Item 5Cii New Degree Program – Bachelor of Science in Radiography
  • Item 5Cii Limited Access – Radiography
  • Item 5Ciii Tenure by Condition of Appointment – John Kantner, Assistant Vice President for Research and Associate Professor of Anthropology
  • Item 5D Items from the Finance and Audit Committee
  • Item 5Di Camps and Similar Other Programs Involving Minors Regulation
  • Item 5E Items from the Student Life and Facilities Committee
  • Item 5Ei Three-Year and Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP-2) and Legislative Budget Request for 2014-2015 through 2018-2019 (PECO)
  • Item 5Eii Annual Capital Outlay Plan for Fiscal Year 2013-2014
  • Item 5Eiii Parking Citation Rates for 2013-2014

Item 6 Tuition and Fees for 2013-2014

Chair Taylor asked Vice President Shuman to speak about this item.


Vice President Shuman reported that, since the Governor vetoed an increase in tuition, the university was calling on Florida Statute 1009.24(b), which provided for a per-credit-hour increase at a rate equal to inflation (1.7 percent) for resident undergraduate tuition. She clarified that the statute allowed for this inflationary increase unless otherwise provided for in the General Appropriations Act.


Vice President Shuman explained that the proposed increase would raise the per-credit hour in-state tuition for undergraduates to $105.07; for graduate students to $408.10; and for Nurse Anesthetist and Doctor of Physical Therapy students to $435.82. She stated that the administration was recommending an equal decrease in each of these categories for out-of-state students. Vice President Shuman indicated that local fees previously approved by the Board were included in the meeting materials.


President Delaney spoke about the statute, noting that the administration was not seeking adjustments to recompense the increase. Vice President Shuman clarified that, if the Board of Trustees approved this request, these funds would be placed in reserves.


Chair Taylor asked for a MOTION for approval of (1) a 1.7 percent increase for resident undergraduate tuition, and (2) no rollback for differential tuition. Trustee Korman asked the record to reflect that the students were already financially burdened and it would be unfair to impose any additional increases. Trustee Pincomb concurred, stating that UNF could not continue to increase the burden on students.


Trustee Fassi shared the student’s perspective, noting that there should be further discussions how much the state should invest. Additionally, students felt that a 1.7 percent increase now was a better option than a larger increase in the future. Students also agreed with the proposed decision not to roll back differential tuition.


Trustee Greene seconded the MOTION.  The MOTION was carried with two dissentions.

Item 7 Notice of Regulation Amendment – Schedule of Tuition and Fees Regulation

Chair Taylor asked for a MOTION to approve a change in the prepared schedule, from $5.32 to $5.25. The MOTION was offered, seconded and approved as presented.


Vice President Shuman stated that the Board of Governors (BOG), in accordance with the BOG’s regulation development procedure, provided that each Board of Trustees is authorized to promulgate university regulations. She clarified that the Legislature sets tuition for undergraduate students and the Board of Trustees sets tuition for all other groups. So, the university was asking for approval of an emergency regulation in order to timely implement rates for fees for the fall 2013 registration period.


Chair Taylor asked for a MOTION for approval of this regulation, which would set forth current tuition and fee amounts per-credit-hour that students would be assessed during the fall 2013 and spring 2014 terms. A MOTION was made, seconded and unanimously carried.

Item 8 UNF’s Budget for 2013-2014

Chair Taylor asked Vice President Shuman to speak about this item.


Vice President Shuman stated that the proposed budget was being presented with one change, a 1.7 percent increase for in-state undergraduate tuition. All other elements remained unchanged.


Trustees spoke about earmarking half of the revenue from the tuition increase to need-based aid. Chair Taylor called for a MOTION to place the revenue from the tuition increase in a reserve account to be reviewed by the Finance and Audit Committee. The MOTION was offered by Trustee Fassi and seconded by Trustee Korman. The MOTION was carried as presented.


Trustees discussed a response to the Governor, agreeing that the administration would create a draft and circulate through trustees.


Chair Taylor asked for a MOTION for approval of UNF’s budget for 2013-2014. A MOTION was offered by Trustee Greene and seconded by Trustee Fassi. The MOTION was carried as presented.

Item 9 Listing of Reports from the Academic Affairs Committee

Chair Taylor asked Trustee Korman to present this item.


Trustee Korman listed reports from this committee as:

  • Item 9A Academic Partnerships – Distance Learning Programs
  • Item 9B Academic Affairs Presentation – College Scheduler

Trustee Korman stated that the committee had fully discussed Item 9a and Item 9B was tabled for a later date.

Item 10 Listing of Reports from the Finance and Audit Committee

Chair Taylor asked Trustee Munoz to speak about this item.


Trustee Munoz listed reports as:

  • Item 10A Review of Miscellaneous Fees
  • Item 10B Direct Support Organizations (DSOs) Budgets: (1) UNF Foundation, Inc., (2) UNF Training & Services Institute, Inc., (3) UNF Financing Corporation, Inc., and (4) MOCA, Jacksonville
  • Item 10C Office of Internal Auditing – Quarterly Report
  • Item 10D Quarterly Budget Report
  • Item 10E Treasurer’s Report

Trustee Munoz stated that the committee would like further discuss the budget for MOCA, Jacksonville. He noted that the committee had raised questions about the museum’s future with regards to funding. Trustees asked that a discussion be scheduled to consider investment versus subsidy.

Item 11 Listing of Reports from the Student Life and Facilities Committee

Chair Taylor asked Trustee Pincomb to speak about this item.


Trustee Pincomb listed these reports as:

  • Item 11A Update on the Capital Improvement Trust Fund
  • Item 11B Capital Projects Quarterly Reports and Change Orders
  • Item 11C Potential Purchase of a Warehouse

Trustee Pincomb clarified that this committee met as a whole. He offered opportunity for trustees to further discuss items 11A, B and C. Trustees were pleased with the previous discussion.

Item 12 Adjournment

Chair Taylor notified trustees that a special meeting would be called to solidify President Delaney’s contract. He offered appreciation to all who participated in today’s meeting and adjourned the meeting at 2:30 p.m.