University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Meeting
October 16, 2012
University Center at 9:00 a.m.

Members Present 

Bruce Taylor, Hugh Greene, Carlo Fassi, Fred Franklin, Joy Korman, Rad Lovett, Oscar Munoz, Joannie Newton, Lynn Pappas, Myron Pincomb, Gordon Rakita, Lanny Russell, Sharon Wamble-King

Members Absent 


Item 1 Call to Order 

Chair Taylor documented a quorum and called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m.

Item 2 Open Comments 

Chair Taylor offered opportunity for comments, regarding items on this agenda, to those in attendance. No comments were made.

Item 3 Presidential Evaluation 

Prior to moving into the formal presidential evaluation discussion, President Delaney provided the Board of Trustees with an overview of operational issues under review, as reported in the media, related to Florida State College, Jacksonville.   President Delaney additionally reported that, given local, state and national attention with regard to presidential compensation, he and Chair Taylor had discussed the potential benefit of bringing in a compensation consultant to review President Delaney’s compensation and contract terms.


At the conclusion of this conversation, President Delaney exited the meeting and Chair Taylor led a discussion on President Delaney’s self-report and performance for 2011-2012.    Given the number of new Board members, Chair Taylor and Vice President Stone began the discussion with a review of (a) the presidential evaluation process, as approved by the Board, (b) a review of the 2010 compensation study and recommendations from Dr. Terrence MacTaggart, a Senior Fellow with the Association of Governing Board of Universities, who was engaged by the Board for this purpose, and (c) a review of President Delaney’s contract terms and conditions.  In addition to providing Trustees with detailed background information, Board members were provided with copies of relevant documents. 



Chair Taylor noted that the President had expressed interest in extending his contract until 2018.  Chair Taylor suggested that the Board engage Paul McConnell, a highly experienced compensation consultant, to review the President’s current contract structure and compensation package, with the purpose of making recommendations to the Board concerning contract structure and compensation, should the President and Board wish to extend President Delaney’s contract beyond its current term. Vice President Stone noted that the President’s current contract contemplates such a discussion in August 2013, so this would be the appropriate time to engage a consultant to make recommendations to the Board.  All Board members were fully supportive of retaining a professional compensation consultant for this purpose and Chair Taylor said he would ask the university to move forward with a contract with Mr. McConnell.


The Board then engaged in a detailed discussion of the President’s performance for 2011-2012.  Chair Taylor stated that President Delaney had, again, done an outstanding job in all respects and noted the many accomplishments of the President and the university, as outlined in the President’s self-evaluation.


Board members expressed their strong support of President Delaney’s leadership and their desire to see him continue in this role.  Comments from all trustees were uniformly extremely positive. Trustees commended President Delaney for the excellent relationship he has maintained with students, faculty and staff. Trustee Fassi described the outstanding relationship President Delaney shares with the student body and the high esteem in which he is held.


The Board noted that President Delaney has remained highly visible in the community and is held in the highest regard at the state level.  He was commended for his unique skill set in the political arena and the effectiveness of his advocacy on behalf of UNF within the community, with the Board of Governors and with the state legislature. He has continued to be recognized as a leader in higher education, having been named this year as a member of the Florida Blue Ribbon Task Force on State Higher Education Reform. 


The Board appreciates his integrity, credibility and commitment to continuous improvement of the institution, whether in the context of improvements to the campus’s physical plant or in the quality of UNF students and their academic experience.  He was described by the Board as a complete package in terms of how he leads and manages the university and Board members commended the President for his transparency in communications with the Board. They also appreciate his emphasis on the faculty/student relationship, as demonstrated in his self-evaluation. As noted by one Board member, the landscape of higher education is changing and the university needs someone with President Delaney’s experience, vision and ideas.  


A MOTION was made by Trustee Greene to award the maximum performance compensation allowable under President Delaney’s contract. Trustee Munoz seconded the MOTION. The MOTION was approved with a unanimous vote.


Following the vote, there was a brief discussion of whether the Board ought to renegotiate the performance compensation element of President Delaney’s contract to make it self-executing with each year of performance, given his excellent sustained performance.  Chair Taylor suggested that this discussion be tabled until we retain a compensation consultant and received his recommendations. All trustees agreed to table this discussion to a later date.

Item 4 Adjournment 

Chair Taylor concluded the meeting, stating that the best was yet to come for the University of North Florida.


Chair Taylor adjourned the meeting at 10:25 a.m.