University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Academic Affairs Committee

  • Meeting
June 19, 2012
Student Union at 12:30 p.m.

Committee Members Present 

Joy Korman (chair), Fred Franklin, Lynn Pappas, Patrick Plumlee, Sharon Wamble-King 

Item 1 Call to Order 

With a quorum being present, the meeting was called to order. 

Item 2 Approval of Minutes 

Minutes from March 20, 2012 approved. 

Item 3 Open Comments


Item 4 Program Termination – Master’s in Mathematics, Teacher Education 

Dr. Larry Daniel, dean of the College of Education and Human Services, stated that the Master’s in Mathematics, Teacher Education program has been deactivated since 2000, and has not enrolled students for a considerable number of years.  He said the program should be deleted as it would not be reactivated any time in the near future. 


Trustee Pappas asked Dean Daniel how the need for mathematics educators was being met without this master’s program.  Dean Daniel stated that the college maintains an undergraduate degree program in mathematics for teacher education, which allows students to obtain teacher certification while still at the undergraduate level.  He explained that the master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction allows students to take coursework in the content area they plan to teach, and said that math is an option for this.  Dean Daniel said other students choose to pursue the MA in Math degree.   


Trustee Plumlee made a motion to approve terminating this program and the item was approved unanimously.   

Item 5 Program Termination – Master’s in Science, Teacher Education 

Dean Daniel said the Master’s in Science, Teacher Education was deactivated and has not enrolled students for many years, much like the Master’s in Mathematics, Teacher Education.  He said its termination would not impact any current students or faculty. 


Trustee Plumlee made a motion to approve terminating this program and the item was approved unanimously.   

Item 6 Program Termination – Bachelor of Arts in Education, Trade and Industrial, Teacher Education 

Dean Daniel stated that the BA in Education, Trade and Industrial, Teacher Education program has been deactivated for many years.  He said the current public school emphases on test taking and college readiness have contributed to a decreased demand for this degree program.   


Trustee Lynn Pappas asked if there is not a demand for this degree by specialty schools which emphasize industry and technology education.  Dean Daniel said qualified professionals in these areas are able to become educators through alternative routes laterally and with minimal certification requirements.  He said the college has not received requests from local school boards for graduates from this degree program. 


Trustee Plumlee made a motion to approve terminating this program and the item was approved unanimously.   

Item 7 Academic Affairs Quarterly Presentation – Spotlight on Some of UNF’s Distance Learning Courses 

Dr. Len Roberson introduced Dr. Catherine Christie, associate dean and professor of Nutrition and Dietetics, and Erin Soles, coordinator for the Center for Instruction and Research Technology.  Dr. Christie stated that both the undergraduate and graduate programs in Nutrition were designated in 2011 as distance learning flagship programs, and said faculty from the department have worked with CIRT staff and others to develop quality online coursework for their programs.  She said the department wanted to make its programs more accessible to those outside of Jacksonville due to the current demand for qualified individuals in this field.  Dr. Christie stated that the department would also like to develop a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition program, which would be the second of its kind in the nation. 


Dr. Christie presented a selection of online course tools that were developed for various nutrition courses.  She said mechanisms to ensure academic integrity were integrated into the delivery of each course.  Dr. Christie said the development process helped faculty members to think creatively about course delivery methods.   


Chair Korman asked if traditional, face-to-face courses would continue to be offered in addition to online instruction.  Dr. Christie said that while the department initially hoped to maintain both formats, faculty resources made this option unviable.  She said the department chose to focus instead on developing quality distance learning coursework. 


Chair Korman asked if students would be allowed to work at varied paces or move ahead of others within the course modules.  Dr. Christie said the courses were designed for students to stay within designated modules until completed and students would not be able to work at differing paces.  Dr. Roberson said this was done by design for these particular courses in order to better engage students with one another as they learn.   


Dr. Christie stated that faculty in some disciplines seemed to be somewhat reticent toward the task of developing  distance learning programs, but said she would be happy to share feedback with them from her department.  Dr. Roberson discussed the importance of faculty buy-in before DL programs are developed.  He said four additional programs would be developing online programs. 

Item 8 Adjournment 

There was a motion to adjourn; the motion was approved unanimously.