University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Student Life and Facilities Committee

  • Meeting
March 15, 2011
University Center at 10:15 a.m.

Members Present 

Sitou Byll-Cataria, Toni Crawford, Wilfredo Gonzalez, Ann Hicks,  Joy Korman, Joannie Newton, Patrick Plumlee, Bruce Taylor 

Members Absent 

Hugh Greene, Wanyonyi Kendrick, Oscar Munoz and Kevin Twomey 

Meeting called to order by Trustee Willie Gonzalez at 12:25 p.m. 

Minutes of the January 18, 2011 were unanimously approved.  

Item 3 Open Comments 

There were no open comments. 

Item 4Approval of the Policy “Use of Amplified Sound in University Facilities: Outdoor Areas, Demonstrations and Other Events.” 

Vice President Stone addressed the committee and presented the proposed revisions to the existing policy “Use of Amplified Sound in University Facilities: Outdoor Areas, Demonstrations and Other Events.”  This amended policy incorporates a provision which designates quiet areas throughout campus and sets forth guidelines for the use of amplified sound on campus. Vice President Stone stated this policy has been reviewed and approved both by the Faculty Association and Student Government.  President Delaney shared that Vice President Gonzalez has started a Town and Gown Community Group that periodically meets to discuss UNF amplified sound events.   


There was a motion to approve the Use of Amplified Sound in University Facilities.  The motion carried and was unanimously approved.    

Item 5 Discussion on Mandatory Meal Plans 

Vice President Shuman discussed the new student dining facility, which is partially being funded by Chartwells Food Services.  To secure the funds from Chartwells, the University has agreed to require a mandatory meal plan for freshmen living on campus.  Vice President Shuman reported that the cost of the facility is $9M. Chartwells has agreed to contribute $6M; providing the University requires a mandatory meal plan for freshmen living on campus. This would become effective when the new facility opens in fall 2012 and a renewal contract on the cost of meal plan is renegotiated in 2017.  Trustee Byll-Cataria stated that it seems as though the students end up paying for the building. 


Trustee Taylor asked for the approximate cost per semester for the meal plan.  Vice President Shuman, after inquiry, stated that the cost of 10 meals at cafeteria will be $1,544 plus $300 to use at any of the food venues on campus. 


No action required:  Discussion item only 

Item 6 Discussion on Mandatory Freshman Housing 

Vice President Shuman stated that in reviewing the national research and the data from UNF, there are findings that indicate students who live on campus during their freshman year are more likely to graduate from college. Based on the data, the University of North Florida is considering requiring mandatory on-campus housing for freshman.  Tom Serwatka mentioned they are looking at different ways of attaining higher retention rates and it may be that mandatory freshman housing could increase the numbers of UNF students who graduate.  He also stated that it creates a more ‘traditional” culture.  President Delaney mentioned that the data indicate that students bond more with their university through campus organizations by living on campus their freshman year in addition to energizing the campus.  He also stated there are several things that would need to be discussed further.  


Professor Plumlee asked about the effects on the capacity in the dorms to support the additional student population.   It was stated that the University would have space, but this would require some triple occupancy. 


Trustee Joy Korman shared that she thought it was a good idea educationally, but she expressed concerned it could have a negative impact on freshman enrollment if housing were mandatory. 


Trustee Crawford agreed it was an excellent idea but questioned whether we would lose enrollment to FSCJ.  She inquired if there were a way to exempt students that couldn’t afford to live on campus and pay mandatory meal plans.  President Delaney stated that waivers would be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 


Trustee Taylor mentioned that we may lose initially but pickup later.   


President Delaney stated he would like to seek further comment from the Board before taking any action.  He again stated his belief this will bond the students to the University and also increase student retention and graduation rates. 


No action required:  Further discussion required. 

Item 7 Update on Student Initiatives 

Trustee Byll-Cataria provided an update on the parking space monitoring project. He stated instead of using an outside consulting group they came up with the idea of making it a student initiative, allowing them a transformation experience. Trustee Byll-Cataria introduced five students who gave a PowerPoint presentation on how it will all work. 


Trustee Byll-Cataria also introduced another project called an Event Notification System where students can create a personalized email that they would receive just on the events they want to automatically be aware of.  ITS is assisting them in setting this project. 


Trustee Gonzalez stated these are two great initiatives. 

Item 8 Capital Projects Quarterly Report and Change Orders 

Vice President Shuman reported that they are currently working on four major projects:  Student Wellness Complex, Disability Resource Center expansion, Science and Engineering Building repair, and the new Biology Building. 

Item 9 UNF’s Leadership Institute 

This item was postponed until the next meeting. 


Meeting adjourned at 11:25 a.m.