University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Meeting
March 15, 2011
University Center at 12:45 p.m.

Members Present 

Sitou Byll-Cataria, Toni Crawford, Wilfredo Gonzalez, Ann Hicks, Wanyonyi Kendrick, Joy Korman, Joannie Newton, Patrick Plumlee, Bruce Taylor 

Members Absent 

Hugh Greene, Oscar Munoz, Kevin Twomey 

Item 1 Call to Order 

Chair Taylor documented a quorum and called the plenary session to order.  

Item 2 Chair’s Report 

Chair Taylor commented on the upcoming trip being made by trustees and the administration to three peer aspirant institutions, noting that it should be a worthwhile trip. He encouraged trustees to make plans to attend a similar trip being planned for the following year. 

Item 3 President’s Report 

President Delaney provided highlights on the Legislative session and stated that Vice President Owen would be delivering a broader report later in the meeting. 

Item 4 Open Comments 

Chair Taylor offered the opportunity for open comments. There were no comments from the public. 

Item 5 Consent Agenda 

Chair Taylor presented the consent agenda to trustees, noting that it included minutes from the January 18, 2011 meeting; update to the multi-year university work plan; Florida Educational Equity Act report; request to offer a new degree program – Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies; tenure by reason of appointment – Dr. Mark Tumeo, newly appointed dean of the College of Computing, Engineering and Construction; tenure by reason of appointment – Dr. Don Resio, director of the Taylor Engineering Research Institute and professor of ocean engineering; approval of the red flag policy; and use of amplified sound in university facilities: outdoor areas, demonstrations and other outdoor events. 


Chair Taylor stated that he had asked to pull Item5Bi: Update to the Multi-Year University Work Plan from the consent agenda for further discussion by the full Board. Chair Taylor then asked for a MOTION for approval of the consent agenda, with one modification – Item 5Bi: Update to the Multi-Year University Work Plan was pulled for further discussion by the full Board. The MOTION was offered by Trustee Newton and seconded by Trustee Gonzalez. The consent agenda was approved with the modification. 

Item 6 Update to the Multi-Year University Work Plan 

Chair Taylor asked President Delaney to discuss this item. 

President Delaney stated that the deadline for the work plan was May 26, 2011. He clarified that the Board of Governors had not sent all of the data so the administration was asking that the Board approve anticipated updates and revisions that would be included in the 2011-2012 revision to the work plan. President Delaney noted that the full report would be presented to the full Board at the June 21 meeting. 


Chair Taylor asked for a MOTION for approval of the anticipated updates and revisions to the multi-year university work plan. A MOTION was offered by Trustee Korman and seconded by Trustee Newton. The MOTION was unanimously carried. 

Item 7 Approval of Tuition and the Tuition Differential Fee 

Chair Taylor noted that this item was discussed by the Finance and Audit Committee where it did not receive a unanimous vote. He asked President Delaney to speak about this item. 


President Delaney clarified that this request was for a proposed 15 percent increase to the undergraduate tuition differential, which would be submitted to the Board of Governors by May 26. The proposed graduate tuition increase would be presented at the June 21 meeting. 


President Delaney stated that Trustee Byll-Cataria had voted against this tuition increase at committee, clarifying that Trustee Byll-Cataria felt it was hard to explain a tuition increase to students with nothing new on campus. 


Trustees asked that the administration take steps to justify this increase to students by communicating that the quality of their education required some monetary independence from the state; thus, the need for the tuition increase. The administration agreed to take these steps. 


Chair Taylor asked for a MOTION for approval of the tuition and the tuition differential fee for undergraduate students. A MOTION was made by Trustee Crawford and seconded by Trustee Hicks. The MOTION carried with one vote in opposition. 

Item 8 Listing of Reports from the Academic Affairs Committee 

There were no reports from this committee. 

Item 9 Listing of Reports from the Finance and Audit Committee 

Chair Taylor stated that the review of the State of Florida Auditor General’s report on UNF’s financial audit for fiscal year ended June 30, 2010; the Office of Internal Auditing – quarterly report; quarterly budget report; and the treasurer’s report were all discussed at the committee level. He offered opportunity for trustees to ask for clarification on these report. There were no requests. 

Item 10 Listing of Reports from the Student Life and Facilities Committee 

Chair Taylor listed reports from this committee: mandatory meal plans; mandatory freshman housing; an update on student initiatives; and the capital projects quarterly report and change orders. He stated that these reports were presented to the Board as a whole and offered trustees the opportunity for ask for further discussion. There were no requests. 

Item 11 Update on MOCA Jacksonville 

Chair Taylor asked Vice President Serwatka to introduce the new director of MOCA Jacksonville. 


Vice President Serwatka introduced Dr. Marcelle Polednik as the new director of MOCA, mentioning that she was well known for her success as chief curator at the Monterey Museum of Art. Dr. Polednik stated that she was honored to serve as the head of MOCA. She noted that UNF was a great conduit for the growth of MOCA. Her goals for MOCA revolved around strength and self-sustainability. Dr. Polednik listed some of her goals as raising exhibitions and programs to a new level, financial stability, and to achieve accreditation from the American Association of Museums. 


Vice President Shuman presented an update on MOCA financials, noting that the university might need to extend a line of credit to provide additional cash flow. President Delaney clarified that there was a definite synergy between UNF, MOCA and the community. He felt MOCA had been a worthwhile investment for the university. 

Item 12 Update on Legislation and a Discussion on Tallahassee 

Chair Taylor asked President Delaney to speak about this item. 

President Delaney provided brief highlights and asked Vice President Owen to elaborate. 


Vice President Owen spoke about PECO revenues, the health insurance trust fund and the lottery. She noted that there was a drastic reduction forecasted for PECO funding for the upcoming budget year.  Vice President Owen reported that there were expected premium increases and other programmatic changes to the state employee health insurance plan during this legislative session. And, current projections were for reductions to the lottery (Bright Futures), prompting discussions for options to revise this program. 

Item 13 Adjournment 

Chair Taylor acknowledged that this would be Trustee Sitou-Byll Cataria’s last meeting as a trustee. Chair Taylor stated that Sitou’s presence had been both rewarding and valuable. All trustees wished Sitou the very best. 


Chair Taylor adjourned the meeting.