University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Student Life and Facilities Committee

  • Meeting
June 21, 2011
University Center at 2:30 p.m.

Members Present

Wilfredo Gonzalez, Hugh Greene, Ann Hicks, Wanyonyi Kendrick, Joannie Newton and Bruce Taylor  

Members Absent

Toni Crawford, Hugh Greene, Ann Hicks, Joy Korman, Oscar Munoz, Lynn Pappas, Kevin Twomey  

Item 1  Call to Order and Introductions

Meeting called to order by Chair Gonzalez. He asked Athletic Director, Lee Moon to introduce Coach Mark VanAlstyne and Mr. Will Pierce. Coach VanAlstyne stated that Will Pierce is the first UNF Osprey student-athlete to be awarded the NCAA Post Graduate Scholarship for postgraduate study from the Atlantic Sun.  He stated this scholarship is awarded to a student athlete who excels academically and athletically. Mr. Pierce said a few words and thanked Coach VanAlstyne and the University for their support.  


Chair Gonzalez introduced the newly-elected Student Government President Matt Brockelman to the board. 


Provost Mark Workman introduced Dr. Jeff Harrison.   

Item 2 Minutes of the March 15, 2011 Meeting

Chair Gonzalez asked for approval of the minutes from the March 15th meeting. The motion made to approve as submitted. The motion passed unanimously.     

Item 3 Open Comments

There were no open comments.   

Item 4Three-Year and Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP-2) (PECO) and Legislative Budget Request for 2012-2013 through 2016-2017

Vice President Shuman presented the PECO Plan for the University in consultation with the President.  She stated each of the items included in the proposed request is consistent with the University’s goals and Master Plan.   


Motion made to approve the plan as submitted. Motion carried and unanimously approved.   

Item 5Annual Capital Outlay Plan for Fiscal Year 2011-2012

Vice President Shuman presented the Capital Outlay Budget for the upcoming fiscal year.   


Motion made to approve. Motion carried and unanimously approved.  

Item 6Capital Projects Quarterly Report and Change Orders

Vice President Shuman provided details regarding Change Orders to current Capital Projects.  She stated all Change Orders to contracts must be reported.   


Discussion item.  No motion is required.   

Item 7UNF’s Leadership Institute- The Institute for Values, Community and Leadership

Dr. Annabel Brooks, Director for the IVCL presented a PowerPoint overview on the Institute.  She was accompanied by Dr. John Frank and four students who had participated in the Leadership Institute.  Each of the students addressed the committee and spoke on how the institute has helped them develop as leaders. 


No motion required. 


Chair Gonzalez adjourned the meeting and turned it over to Trustee Taylor.