University of North Florida
Board of Trustees

  • Meeting
June 21, 2011
University Center at 12:15 p.m.

Members Present 

Mr. Matthew Brockelman, Ms. Toni Crawford (via conference), Mr. Wilfredo Gonzalez, Ms. Wanyonyi Kendrick, Ms. Joy Korman,  Ms. Joannie Newton, Dr. Bruce Taylor  

Members Absent 

Mr. High Greene, Ms. Ann Hicks, Mr. Oscar Munoz, Ms. Lynn Pappas, Dr. Patrick Plumlee, Mr. Kevin Twomey  

Item 1 Call to Order 

Chair Taylor documented a quorum and called the meeting to order.   

Item 2 Chair’s Report 

Chair Taylor prompted trustees that the Board of Governors would be meeting the next two days and universities would be presenting their business plans. He mentioned that Trustee Plumlee would be representing UNF. 


Chair Taylor introduced Trustee Matthew Brockelman as the newly elected president of Student Government and welcomed him as a Board member. Chair Taylor updated trustees on Board membership, noting that Ms. Lynn Pappas had been appointed by the Governor to replace Dr. Edythe Abdullah, but there were currently five seats open and an additional seat probable.  

Item 3 President’s Report, Including a Report from Vice President Owen 

Chair Taylor asked President Delaney to present the President’s Report. He yielded to Vice President Owen to provide a report from Tallahassee. 


Vice President Owen provided details on general revenue projects, noting that there was a new bill that would base growth on population. She noted that population growth was Florida’s revenue source and the current trend was flat. She further noted that the new normal was 1 percent, compared to an old normal of 3 percent. 


This report was for information only. No further action was required.  

Item 4 Open Comments 

Chair Taylor offered opportunity for open comments. There were no comments from the public.  

Item 5 Consent Agenda

Chair Taylor addressed the consent agenda noting that it included the following: 

  1. Minutes from the March 15 Plenary Session 
  2. Three action items from the Academic Affairs Committee 
    1. Tenure 
    2. Tenure by Reason of Appointment for Dr. Asai Asaithambi, Director, School of Computing 
    3. Update to the Multi-Year Work Plan 
  3. One action item from the Finance and Audit Committee 
  4. Emergency Regulation Amendment – Schedule of Tuition and Fees Regulation 
  5. Two action items from the Student Life and Facilities Committee 
  6. Three-Year and Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan (PECO) and the Legislative Budget Request 
  7. Annual Capital Outlay Plan  

Chair Taylor noted that all action items were recommended, by their respective committees, for approval by the full Board. 


Chair Taylor asked for a MOTION for approval for the consent agenda. A MOTION was offered and seconded. The MOTION was carried as presented.  

Item 6 Approval of the Budget 

Chair Taylor asked Vice President Shuman to present this item. 


Vice President Shuman stated that the budget was reviewed in depth at a workshop and presented again to the Finance and Audit Committee. She clarified that no substantive changes were made to the budget now being presented to the full Board for approval. 


Chair Taylor asked for a MOTION for approval for the budget. A MOTION was offered and seconded. The MOTION was approved as presented.  

Item 7 Update on MOCA, Jacksonville 

President Delaney updated trustees on MOCA, Jacksonville, stating that the new director, Dr. Marcelle Polednik, had integrated quite well and the MOCA Board of Trustees was enthusiastic. He discussed UNF’s subsidy to MOCA, noting that this would most likely be ongoing. President Delaney talked about MOCA being a valuable asset for the university but clarified that the subsidy needed to be realistic. He asked Vice President Shuman to provide further details. 


Vice President Shuman stated that Dr. Polednik had been at MOCA since February and was making significant strides with new funding. Vice President Shuman spoke about multi-year planning, fundraising and exhibition budgeting, indicating that Dr. Polednik had plans to innovate each of these. 


Vice President Shuman reported that MOCA had plans for a new atrium, which would provide a venue, particularly for emerging artists. She spoke about the ongoing synergy between MOCA and the Department of Art and Design, and plans for including other colleges in that synergy.  


President Delaney concluded this conversation by recapping past chats about UNF’s branding and the downtown community. He stated that this too had been an improving synergistic relationship. 


This report was for information only. No additional action was required.  

Item 8 Listing of Reports from the Academic Affairs Committee 

Chair Taylor stated that there were no reports from this committee.  

Item 9 Listing of Reports from the Finance and Audit Committee 

Chair Taylor stated that these four reports -- (1) Direct Support Organizations Budgets, (2) Office of Internal Auditing Quarterly Report, (3) Quarterly Budget Report, and (4) Treasurer’s Report – had all been discussed with this committee and no recommendations were made for additional discussion by the full Board. He asked if any trustee would like to pull one of these reports for additional conversation. Trustees were satisfied with discussions at the committee level.  

Item 10 Adjournment 

Chair Taylor asked trustees if there was any additional business. Trustee Gonzalez asked that the record reflect that President Delaney was doing a remarkable job. All other trustees agreed and offered appreciation to President Delaney. 


Chair Taylor reminded trustees that the next meeting would be the September workshop. He then adjourned the meeting.