University of North Florida
Board of Trustees
Student Life and Facilities Committee

  • Meeting
January 18, 2011
University Center at 10:15 a.m.


Members Present

 Sitou Byll-Cataria, Toni Crawford, Wilfredo Gonzalez, Hugh Greene, Ann Hicks, Wanyonyi Kendrick, Joy Korman, Oscar Munoz, Joannie Newton, Patrick Plumlee, Bruce Taylor

Members Absent

 Kevin Twomey


Meeting called to order by Trustee Taylor who announced the newly established standing committee on Student Life and Facilities. Trustee Willie Gonzalez accepted the offer to Chair the committee.

Item 3 The UNF Master Plan

Vice President Shuman addressed the committee and presented the UNF Master Plan, as discussed at the BOT Workshop, and stated no substantive changes had been made since then.


There was a motion to approve the UNF Master Plan as submitted.  The motion carried and was unanimously approved.  

Item 4 Approval of a New Student Life and Services Fee

Vice President Gonzalez presented a new 5 percent Student Life and Services Fee, in the amount of $4.78 per credit hour, that was developed by student leadership with consultation from administration.  He stated that the annual estimated revenue would be approximately $1.9M.  VP Gonzalez stated the fee would be used to improve student engagement, as well as retention, and graduation rates by providing programs and traditions that will bring UNF closer to a traditional campus. Vice President Gonzalez also stated that this fee was student driven and divided into three areas:  need-based aid; support for transformational learning opportunities; and to enhance existing and new on-campus activities.    Vice President Gonzalez asked Trustee Byll-Cataria to comment on this issue.  Trustee Byll-Cataria stated that this fee is endorsed by the students to provide needed services and programs and he appreciated being involved in every step of the development process. 


Trustee Taylor stated this fee is very important and valuable to the student’s educational experience. He stated he was pleased to approve the fee and move it forward. 


Trustee Korman stated it was wonderful to see the involvement by the students in this process and commended both Vice President Gonzalez and Trustee Byll-Cataria. 


There was a motion made to approve Student Life and Services Fee. The motion was unanimously approved.

Item 5 Vehicle Parking Permits Regulation

Vice President Shuman presented the Vehicle Parking Permit Regulation that will exempt the following from the requirements of having to display a parking permit:

  1. Vehicles parking in the timed loading spaces,
  2. Vehicles with U.S. government license plate, and
  3. Vehicles of individuals (non-university employees and staff) parking in lot 60 who have business at Alumni Hall.

Motion made to approve Vehicle Parking Permits Regulation. Motion carried and unanimously approved.

Item 6 The Proposed Amendment to the Parking Regulation

Vice President Shuman proposed a parking regulation amendment that adds Safety Rangers to the list of individuals authorized by the University to enforce parking regulations.


Professor Plumlee asked if the Safety Rangers would only be giving tickets in the evening or will they be giving them during the day, also.  Vice President Shuman stated that Safety Rangers only work in the evenings.


Motion made to approve Parking Regulation. Motion carried and unanimously approved.

Item 7 The Osprey Student Creed

Vice President Gonzalez presented to the committee a proposed Osprey Student Creed.  He shared that the Student Creed was approved by Student Government executive branch and endorsed by the SG Senate.  Trustee Byll-Cataria shared that Provost Workman reviewed the creed and that he made a few editorial corrections and thanked him for his assistance. Trustee Byll-Cataria introduced Chris Warren, the student who wrote the Creed.  Mr. Warren spoke on how the creed came about and expressed his belief that the creed will bring pride to the university by stating what it means to be an Osprey.


Chair Gonzalez recommended that a banner be displayed at the Arena and ball fields.  Trustee Byll-Cataria stated his staff is checking with Zak to see if the creed can be engraved in marble at the entrance to the new Student Wellness Complex.


Trustee Crawford stated the Creed is very powerful and can feel the pride in Student Government. 


Trustee Taylor stated he is very proud of our students and the Board gave a standing ovation.


Motion made to approve Osprey Student creed. Motion carried and unanimously approved.

Item 8 The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the UNF Campus Wetlands Mitigation

Associate General Counsel Wrenn presented the UNF wetland mitigation plan for approval.  The wetlands and upland buffer areas would allow the Office of General Counsel to finalize a memorandum of agreement in mitigation for the campus. The proposed plan meets the requirements of the St. Johns River Water Management District.  Mr. Wrenn stated that the university and the Water Management District have agreed on a proposed form of agreement imposing use restrictions consistent with the plan.  The agreement, and a corresponding amendment to the university’s lease, is subject to approval by the Division of State Lands. Mr. Wrenn also stated the plan was previously discussed by the full Board at the November workshop.


Chair Gonzalez inquired about the turn-around time and Associate General Counsel Wrenn responded that it would be approximately six months. Chair Gonzalez requested a status report be given to the Board in six months.


Motion made to approve the MOU. Motion carried and unanimously approved.

Item 9 Approval of an Educational Plant Survey for the Demolition the Existing Cafeteria Building 14C

 Vice President Shuman presented the Educational Plan Survey recommendation for the demolition of the existing cafeteria in Building 14C, to make way for the construction of a new dining facility with administrative and academic spaces on the upper two floors.


Vice President Shuman stated it was determined the best location for a new dining facility is where the cafeteria is currently located.  President Delaney mentioned that this would be a four-story building which would house a Faculty Lounge and student programming space. He also stated that the Board of Governors had approved adding funding for the fourth floor.


Vice President Shuman stated that there will be a period of time without a cafeteria, since it will take approximately 15 months to complete the project.  Chair Gonzalez suggested a canteen trucks brought in as a possible venue for providing some food to the students. Vice President Shuman stated they will be looking into alternative food options during the new construction period.


Motion made to approve the Demolition of the Existing Cafeteria. Motion carried and unanimously approved.

Item 10 Capital Projects Quarterly Report and Change Orders

Vice President Shuman gave a quarterly update on current projects, change orders, and capital projects.  She shared that the Science and Engineering Building is covered in scaffolding which will be used to re-brick the entire building. She stated the process will take a year to complete.


Vice President Gonzalez shared that the Dottie Dorion name will be retained on the second floor of the new Wellness Center. He also shared that a meeting was held with Ms. Dorion regarding this matter.


No motion required.

Item 11 Students Presentation on the Interior of the Student Wellness Complex

Vice President Gonzalez shared with the committee plans for the new Wellness Complex.  He introduced two students (Sam Luckerson and Sarah Bolseiro) who gave a PowerPoint presentation on the types of activities that will be included in the Wellness Complex and shared their excitement and benefits to the students.


President Delaney stated this was a student initiative and that students were very involved in the programming.


Chair Gonzalez stated he was amazed by the facility.


No motion required.


Chair Gonzalez thanked the committee and Trustee Taylor adjourned the meeting.